Free Custom «Respiratory Therapists» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Respiratory Therapists» Essay Paper

Respiratory therapists are members that are vital in any healthcare system. With respect to this, respiratory care being a personally and professionally rewarding career needs a blend of technology and also interaction between patients.

There is an urgent need to increase the number of respiratory therapists in this organization because when they are around, they can handle issues pertaining to administration of oxygen, management of mechanical ventilations, the administration of drugs to the lungs, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, measuring lung function and cardiopulmonary systems monitoring.

Therefore the type of information one needs to gather includes; their job descriptions, the suggestion to ways of acquiring a new team of respiratory therapists, ways of maintaining the existing group of the respiratory therapists, the cost maintaining a therapists, considering the options whether to have new therapists on contract or fulltime, whether to outsource the therapists, changing the organizational structure to enable respiratory therapists best perform their duties.

The situation of shortage of respiratory therapists is perceived as being a drawback on the continued positive progress in the organization’s ability to deal with respiratory related disorders and if not corrected at the right time, the other departments shall follow the soot and the organization may loose its operation license.

The personnel will be greatly affected because a decline in organization’s ability to deal with one disorder communicates a strong message that, failure is inevitable. Patients in this case will loose confidence in the hospital and some will give up and die. The organization will loose its popularity and within no time, it may be forced to close down until further notice.

To correct this whole situation, there needs to be a plan to revisit the original structure of this hospital and analyse the manpower of the hospital. After this, the services of a consultant may be needed to return the hospital into full fledged operation the way it was when it was stalled.

To increase the number of respiratory therapists, we shall advertise the vacancies in the one of the dailies and thereafter shortlist candidates for personal interviews. Thereafter we shall involve six of the best in a practical interview from which we shall pick the best four. These four new members shall join us in a week’s time. This way we shall ensure that patients who come with respiratory related problems are well attended to.



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