Free Custom «Police Misconduct» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Police Misconduct» Essay Paper

Misconduct can be defined as the misuse of officially obtained powers, resources and information, and violating of the expected trust by the people at your service to an extent of inviting dismissal. One of most sensitive forms of misconduct is that perpetrated by police officers and from the grave implications by its rising trends. It is therefore appropriate to posit a thesis statement that states police misconduct is indeed alive and causing harm to citizens.

Bearing in mind the levels of professionalism expected from police officers, their behavior is monitored from both away and at the place of work. Some of the incidents off duty include assault on fellow policemen inside social amenities like bars and use of force training and advantage on citizens. In addition, evidence from recorded scenarios has proved a point in unraveling police indecency whereby innocent victims have been frmed for various crimes. These include being framed for drug trafficking or resisting arrest when in real sense the cameras have shown police exercising extra-judicial activities.

As much as wrongful arrests may be out of genuine police mistakes, they are on the increase due to police concentrating too much on making arrests and ignoring other duties. This is evident from the increasing protests by the public against police misconduct in recent past. The other form of misconduct involves the police using suggestive thinking when implicating a suspect for certain crimes and sometimes employing crude tactics that compel the suspect into confessing nonexistent crimes. DNA tests have been instrumental in proving the police wrong and also some cases whereby emerging truth has led to release of suspects after they served some time in detention already.

The police from my point of view have aa tendency of getting irritated when a potential suspect affirms a constitutional right at arrest. Regardless of the authenticity of the claim, police are easily annoyed by such moves and can easily frame the suspect for other crimes. They believe that they have a right to dictate and decide what us right or wrong.

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Evidence has also shown police remaining silent on colleagues since it is so hard to find a policeman arresting or indicting a fellow officer as seen in daily life. In conclusion, the famous of them all is racial discrimination that has seen racial lines being drawn with people from certain races facing the wrath, evidence, high numbers of certain racial characters being imprisoned as compared to population statistics and it is from that point that it becomes necessary to support the thesis statement that states police misconduct is indeed alive and causing harm to citizens.


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