Free Custom «Media Glamorizes Drinking Alcohol» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Media Glamorizes Drinking Alcohol» Essay Paper

Many people all over the world have embraced the use of modern facilities, which are invented year in year out due to constant advancement of technologies. Long ago, there were few media facilities, unlike today whereby almost all people have. Such facilities range from the televisions, radios, computers among others. Other than channeling information to the people, media facilities have gone commercial. Business organizations engage the media when publicizing their products. Profit maximization being a sole objective of most organizations, the media takes advertisement contracts indiscriminate of the disadvantages aligned to the product(s) in question. A good example is that of advertising alcoholic drinks. Immorality has always been the end result of alcohol, and has really destroyed our youths.

Most governments are trying to put restrictions on alcohol consumption among the youths. However, this may not be easily accomplished because media facilities have a great influential power, especially amongst the youths. Through the use of a sweet and persuasive language by media, innocent minds become curious and are tempted to test the power of the alcoholic drinks. An individual is more likely to try out drinking the advertised alcohol more often. If the media were regulated to bring their adverts at night when the children were asleep, this would have probably reduced rates of alcohol consumption among the children. In today’s era, children have been recorded to have increased their rates of taking alcohol more than the adults.

There are so many upcoming social sites that are mostly visited by youths. Some of these sites are face book, twitters and YouTube (Kunkel 189). This is where different youths share ideas on issues affecting their lives. Just in the name of advertising, most alcoholic companies are putting their adverts on their various brands on these sites. These sites being basically meant for the youths, placing an advert on alcohol simply motivates some to go try out the new brand in the market. This has increased rates of alcohol consumption in today’s lifestyle. Once the advert is placed, anyone will go out to try the new brand. This has created stereotypes among youths. For instance, they think that a party without alcoholic drinks is uninteresting or outdated.

The best step here to eradicate or reduce alcohol consumption among children is through avoiding advertising on the social sites. Social sites like face book is not the best target market for the alcohol companies (Packard 543). If the organizations want to sell their products, it will be much appropriate if they market their brands on other websites. This will assist reduce the alcohol consumption among the children. In a normal scenario, children are idle and the only things that keep them busy are the social sites. Children are the ones who mostly access the YouTube and face book at home to keep them busy during the day.

Print adverts have also participated in a big way in promoting alcohol among the youths. This is even worse when the message is placed in a form of a picture or a cartoon. When organizations put their adverts in the form of cartoons, then they are basically targeting a different group in society. In most cases, cartoons are normally preferred by the young generation and placing alcoholic adverts in the form of cartoons simply encourages them to get the message.

The pictures are so colorful that one is tempted to read the information on these pictures and billboards. In fact, it is very easy for an adult to miss a picture advert but it will be captured by the child. This is similar to billboard adverts (Kunkel 145). If the billboard adverts in the form of a picture, then a child will have more concentration on it than an adult. The use of alcoholic adverts to portray strength, or rather acquisition of power is another aspect that has destroyed the youths. Most people value being strong, hence the youths might be tempted to try certain alcoholic drinks to gain strength.

In nutshell, it is important that the alcohol manufacturing companies reconsider the use of billboards while advertising their products. Although use of billboards is a good marketing strategy, it would be wise to review it for the sake of the young generation.



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