Free Custom «Love of the Sons for their Fathers» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Love of the Sons for their Fathers» Essay Paper

Relationship between and a father and offspring is considered complex in comparison with others. Fathers spend most of their lives in gaining wealth for comforting their families. The struggle for achieving materialistic needs of life takes away the time for family union. As a result, most of the children believe that their fathers do not love them. Different literary pieces have been written to address the emotions of relationship between fathers and offspring. In this manner Discovery of a Father, a short story written by Sherwood Anderson and Those Winter Sundays, a poem written by Robert Hayden are prominent literary works that have highlighted relationship of a son and a father. This paper compares the emotions of the sons in the poem and short story who disliked their fathers because they could not find their fatherly love when they wanted it the most; however, because of a special moment for Sherwood and some special memories for the speaker of the poem, these feelings change.

Sherwood Anderson in his short story begins with writing about his regret of not appreciating his father. The author writes that when I was a young boy, he hated the fact that his father was a storyteller. In the poem he compares his father with others who had glamorous professions. He also adds that he dislikes the fact that his father used to lie about the land he belonged and claimed different nationality to amuse people. For instance, the author notes in his short story that “If an Irishman came to our house, right away father would say he was Irish. If it was a Scotchman the same thing happened (Anderson  3).” This makes it clear that the author did not really like the profession his father had. During the course of the short story, Sherwood being a son also complains about his father staying away from family and not giving to family when they really wanted him to be there. Later on, Sherwood Anderson finds out that he was wrong when he became a father himself. And now when he realizes and regrets that his father loved him the most while he disliked his father, he can’t really be with him because he is no more in talking terms with his father (Anderson).

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Comparatively, the speaker in the poem also seems to dislike his father in his childhood. The poem The Winter Sundays raises the voice of a son who regrets that he disliked his father while his father took care of him by working hard day and night. The speaker in the poem notes the following lines “then with cracked hands that ached, from labor in the weekday weather mad (Hayden 3-4)”. This states that his father has done a lot of struggle to make his son feel cozy in the nights and days of winter. Even on Sundays, his father went out for work. Later on, in the poem, the speaker seems to realize that all such hard work was a symbol of love. The speaker being a son wants to relive the time he spent with his father without any appreciation for him (Hayden).

On comparison, one similar theme can be pointed out that is both the sons did not really understand the symbol of their father’s love. Both the sons from the short story and poem seem to lack appreciation for whatever their fathers did. With the progress in the literary pieces, sons seem to regret their behavior towards their fathers. Both the sons want to relive their lives to become good sons and appreciate the efforts of their fathers.


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