Free Custom «Local Coverage Determination» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Local Coverage Determination» Essay Paper

The new technology in our society has led to the development of better equipments that are used in our day to day lives. The world we live in is changing at an alarming rate as a result of all the new discoveries that have been made over the years. These new discoveries have been aided by the availability of better learning facilities and equipment. These were not available in the early days. As scientists continue to discover and invent new equipment, the world id adapting them and incorporating them in the societies. As a result, the world we are living in is heavily dependent on inventions and machines to carry out tasks. Moreover, as a result of the advanced technology, people are getting more intelligent hence they are able carry out more researches of their own as well as make their own new inventions.

However, once this technology is introduced into the society, not all of it is used for the good of others in society. This is because, some people use technology to harm others rather than help them. Monitoring gadgets are examples of such misused technology. This is because if used correctly, the monitoring tools are used to impact on the society positively. On the other hand if such technology falls in the wrong hands many people can be harmed and scores of others put at risk. Therefore, caution must be exercised at all times especially when entrusting new technology to others. Scientists and governments should consult each other and establish the impact of introducing a new technology in society.

The world is not what it used to be decades ago. The fore fathers built this nation on the foundation of trust. This no longer exists in the world we live in today. We have neighbors turning against neighbors and siblings turning against each other all in the spirit of competition. The deep desire to succeed and be the best has transformed people. People are willing to go to extremes to succeed without considering the feelings of others. Earlier on, life was private and personal. People went about their business with the knowledge and satisfaction that no one had the ability to access their personal information. Nowadays, this is not the case. With the emergence of the new technology, anyone anywhere can access any information about an individual by just a click of a button on the computer. For example, managers can monitor their competitors’ moves and eavesdrop on their board meetings while at the comfort of their home. This is unethical and it creates a lot of distrusts in a society that was once peaceful.

As a result of advanced technology in the world today, software programs are designed every day. These soft wares are used as tools to enhance the ‘spying’ hence, no one are untouchable or out of reach. We also have software’s that are used to hack into government’s mainframe. Unauthorized people are then getting access to personal and confidential government files. A good example is the Wiki leak reports from the American embassy. This was as a result of a hacker who managed to access the data the embassy held and decided to use it to stir trouble. This has resulted in a lot of distrusts in government diplomats all over the world hence creating tension. This proves that the technology that is emerging is unbiased and efficient. Moreover, it can access anything and anyone irrespective of the position held. Some of the tools used may include social media such as Google alerts set around the intended target, twitter search, back type and the web grader. All the above are tools used for spying yet they seem completely harmless to the user. Companies place Google alerts on their competitors hence they manage to study their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses without the competitors even realizing it. Through this, the business world has been transformed into a corrupt affair.

By using websites like face book, twitter and other similar websites to communicate and share with friends, we open up opportunities for others to access other people’s personal information. This is risky since not everyone has good intentions about us and they may use the information we post on our web walls against us. For example, by disclosing ones location, we create an opportunity for someone to track us. This is dangerous as those with bad motives may harm us. Therefore, caution must be exercised always when updating walls, uploading information for others to view or even when disclosing confidential information to friends and loved ones. This is because sometimes the communication can be intercepted. It should be noted that we are not against Face book or any other related websites, rather we are trying to caution the people in the society to be watchful always.

However, not all monitoring is done with bad intentions. An instance is when a government is monitoring people’s computers and the information they are accessing. It is only through monitoring that officials are able to apprehend criminals. For example, people who could be downloading child pornography as well as accessing other illegal websites. The government also monitors the people by using the satellites and CCTV cameras. Through these, the government can identify any individuals with destructing characteristics in the community as well as reduce crime levels in the country. Therefore, just like everything else in the universe; monitoring gadgets have their merits as well as their demerits. When governments are monitoring information in order to prevent a national disaster, for example, terrorism, the monitoring can be justified. This is because the cause is just and done to benefit the society.

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Contrary to what people believe, the constitution does not guarantee the citizens right to privacy. Everyone deserves and yearns for a certain percentage of privacy in their lives. Therefore, one should always be keen to note that there is a government official who is monitoring their every move from the website one accesses, an email one sends or even a picture you upload or download. However, the government does not invade its citizen’s privacy unless they have a good reason. Hence, one does not need to worry much as long as what they are doing is right in accordance to the law.

All this has been made easy by the fact that nowadays these gadgets are readily available and cheap. They are also easy to install and do not require a professional to do it. We have security cameras installed in almost every stall and street in the city. Moreover, some of them are installed in some people’s houses. Some of these gadgets are so small that they can be installed in someone’s apartment without them ever realizing they even exist. This is dangerous as it exposes people and their personal lives to others yet they are unaware.

Companies are also not being left behind in all this. Companies are using these monitoring gadgets to monitor the employees’ movement in the organization. For example, companies install cameras in almost every office the organization to watch what the employees are doing when they think no one is watching. Also, in all banks and financial institutions, security cameras and audio devices are installed to monitor the movement of money for accountability and also to discourage any ideas of bank robberies the employees may have. Also, another form of monitoring employees is through accessing their personal records upon hiring them. This way the employers are able to track down information about their employees as well as a cross check it for any irregularities that may be harmful to the organization. Moreover, the security personnel ion the organization can access files downloaded by the employees if it is a security threat to the organization. In some organizations, employees are submitted to rigorous frisking when entering and exiting the business premises to ensure the safety of all the people in the premises.

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As much as we would want to complain and protest about the invasion of privacy we are nowadays exposed to, we cannot blame anyone but ourselves for this turn of events. This is because we are living in a society that has corrupt morals and has no respect whatsoever to human life and integrity. This is shown every day in newsrooms. We see numerous suicide bombers taking down building and killing innocent people almost every day. Moreover, this has been heightened by the increase in terrorist activities all over the world hence, necessitating the government to keep everyone in check. This is done to avoid any impending disaster that may arise if people are allowed to do as they so please. Therefore, although the monitoring may at times seem unfair and unnecessary, we should always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry and that the prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, we should consider ourselves lucky to have a government that is willing to invest so much time and man power to watch over its citizens to keep them safe. Moreover, this monitoring discourages crime as the likelihood of getting caught is very high. This makes the environment safe place to live in with those we love.



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