Free Custom «Importance of Being Earnest » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Importance of Being Earnest » Essay Paper


Effortful and sincere endeovers denotes to being earnest. So, enthusiasm, eagerness with sincerity and emotionless approach means the earnest. Thereinafter, indeed, being earnest has enough importance in every walk of life for everyone (Earnest1, N.d).

However, the consequences and pros of being earnest and cons of frivolous are also important to identify as well as evaluate them completely.

Commonly, from the practical examples, we can observe the consequences and pros and cons of being earnest as well as of being frivolous. It will not only give us observation but also highlights the good and bad behaviors prevail within our personalities. Moreover, the critical review of importance of being earnest play gives a chance to preserve the good behaviors and rectify the bad ones. This paper is also designed to do the same.

Pros of being earnest:

When we coin out the term earnest there are only pros that we have. Therefore, the above mentioned constituents enthusiasm, eagerness with sincerity and emotionless approach are the principal traits of being earnest. Indeed, if someone has been called earnest that means he is one of the gentle and intelligent people who have integrity and sincerity. So, earnest is one of the supreme compliments.

A real-time scenario would be more effectual to understand the meaning of earnest. For instance, a person working with integrity and making it the most precious asset for his personal as well as professional life could be the exact example of an earnest worker. He no doubt will have to face the negative consequences but the charm of being earnest is greater than the consequences. He will be looked as a gentle and intelligent person not the claver and selfish one. Therefore, being earnest is the supreme compliment that any one can have in return of his/her efforts.

Cons of frivolous:

When we coin out the term not frivolous there are only cons that we have. Therefore, the reversal of above mentioned constituents like unenthusiastic, uneager with insincerity and full of emotions approach are the traits of frivolous. Indeed, someone found to be frivolous or have the traits of it, and then it means the person is one of the bad and unintelligent people who do not possess any integrity and sincerity. Therefore, being frivolous is the most notorious compliment.

A frivolous person can very easily identify, as he/she would be a disobedient and careless. The frivolous person is not only awful for himself but he is also harmful for entire environment. The environment could be professional, personal, or societal; however, whatsoever the environment is being frivolous is notorious and awful.

The importance of being earnest play:

The importance of being earnest is a play by Oscar Wilde. Wilde quite ironically portrayed the idea of being earnest with consideration of time period. The play has deep reflection of Victorian civilization. In Victorian civilization the importance of being earnest is of its utmost level. He capitalize his idea of being earnest by the characterizing it in the role of Ernest. He portrayed Ernest as the most respected and ever admired personality. Everyone likes to attach him/herself with Ernest and deemed to be like him (Wilde, 2008).

Hereinafter, by the whole, Wilde has well managed to picture the core idea of being earnest. His ironic and witty exposition has quite deep affection to the readers and the audience who have watched the play in the theaters. The play is quite reasonable sign of the gravity of being earnest.

Therefore, in the common sense and in daily endeovers, everyone should follow the earnest standards. It will not only bring peace and gentleness in the society but also make the society most civilized.

Critical review of earnest idea and the play:

As discussed above the ideas and meaning of being earnest and then examination of the play encompass that being earnest is most important to being valuable in the society. Therefore, the notion of being earnest has been effectual and influences the reader as well as the audience. It is mandatory for every noble, gentle, and dutiful person to be obedient to the standards of being earnest.

At the same time, for a civilized society it is essential to maintain the level of being earnest. It will be the guarantee to the good behavioral society and will negate and rectify the frivolous elements in the citizens. Therefore, the importance of being earnest means to be the civilized by personality as well as by society collectively.


At the end of treatise, it is better to restate the thesis that effortful and sincere endeovers denotes to being earnest. Moreover, a very exact quotation by Marcus Garvey “Men who are in earnest are not afraid of consequences.” covers the whole treatise theme. The quote has concluded the overall theme of this essay.

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Hereinafter, it is our responsibility to make ourselves earnest, and if we do positive things it will have positive end. On the other hand, if we do negative things obviously it will have negative end. So, it is better to act as earnest and not as frivolous, because the consequences would be according to the acts. The good/earnest acts will obviously have good consequences and the bad/frivolous acts will obviously have bad consequences. So, being earnest is the best policy personally, professionally, and socially.



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