Free Custom «Good Writing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Good Writing» Essay Paper

Writing and reading are by far the basic components of language that determine to a great extent the level of thoroughness an individual has in a certain language. As is clearly demonstrated in most of the practical illustrations in life together with the abundant textual theories, visual aids are very important in determining the effectiveness of both reading and writing. A well written document is one that effectively enhances the reader into a smooth reading process. This can be enhanced to a large extent by ensuring that visual aids are offered in the text as much as possible. This forms the basic thesis from which the following paper has developed a critical discussion. As a matter of fact, visual aids are not only effective writing tools but they do go along way in ensuring that reading becomes involving and even easier.

The process of learning how to read proves to be a real hell to many children. As a matter of fact, it may even be demoralizing that a child may develop some from of negative reinforcement towards reading any textual material. This may lead the child into actively ignoring any opportunity that present an opening to reading a text. As a way of resolving this issue, it is very important that books that are meant to specifically guide young minds into learning how to read be specifically made to do so. Such books should not at all be written with the objective of illustrating to the young minds how far complicated the process of reading is but it should enhance very smooth transition into the reading world. The best and most practical way that can be used to resolve the problem demonstrated in this paragraph is by clearly using visual aids as far as possible for the reader (Alexie 148).

This is also logically affected by the level of maturity or reading capability that the reader has. The blanket idea tough is the fact that any writing that ought to effectively enhance reading in a smooth manner should by far have in it visual aids. In cases where very young children who are learning in a very new way how to read, the text that is prepared for such people should by all standards have drawn pictures that illustrated exactly what the brief text that accompanies them is saying. By this, the child is capable of guessing the meanings of the various words that he reads through as he clearly sees the diagrams which are far much easier to read through.

On the other hand, a mature mind in reading ought to also be helped using the visual aids. Mature people may not at all have any problem with reading but may be heavily swayed away form the text that they are reading. As a way of avoiding this and totally capturing such minds into the text, it is important that the writer uses very figurative language (Alexie 149). A writer should therefore not just concentrate on giving the reader very sketchy details about what he or she is talking about. In order to create the much needed attention that is required form the writer, a text should be written with very figurative language that describes to the optimal the vey minute details about the topic or subjects in question. The basic fact that is being emphasized at this level is therefore the fat that any level and kind of writing ought to enhance visual images as the reader goes through the text. The writer should therefore be very accurate with the details of the topic and subjects that are in discussion.

Another very important aspect about writing that ought not to be ignored by any writer at all is the continual writing of drafts which must be automatically followed by respective continuous revisions (Anne 78). The main purpose of any writing as had already been portrayed in the first part is to ensure that the reader intended to be the end user of the writing get the very intended meaning with the very slightest chance of having any distorted meaning (King 96). It is in this regard that apart form creating obvious and accurate meaning by offering the visual aids discussed in the previous paragraph, the writer can further enhance the writer’s main goal by ensuring that the reader has the most accurate writing in text.

The process of writing is by far characterized by many chances of errors that may come as a result of lack of prior planning and hurried writing. These two sources of errors in writing that may mislead the interpretation attached to writing can be avoided by using the main idea of writing as many drafts as possible before finally writing the final piece. The first drafts that are written not only help create more room for revision of the piece of writing but help create the overall picture of the text before it is finally laid down. Creating as many drafts as possible helps the writer to have the overall picture hence it increases the level of fluency in the writing in a massive way (Murray 163). By having the writing as fluent as possible, it obviously means that the reader is bound to extract the intended meaning more probably than he is to grab other unintended meanings of the text. On the other hand, the many revisions that are enhanced by the drafts enable the writer to eliminate all the errors that may have unintentionally come through writing.



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