Free Custom «Gay Marriage» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Gay Marriage» Essay Paper


In essence,  gay marriage is a form of marriage between two persons of the social gender and same sex biologically.  Boswell and John further state that gay marriage is legally and socially recognized in the United States, and since 200, other countries s began legalizing and recognizing such cases as civil rights, political, moral and religious subject.

Same sex marriage dates back to ancient days of the Ming and Zhou Dynasties in China, Roman Empire in Italy and the Galician municipality in Spain.  These ceremonies were performed without religious attachments.  It is until the year 2001 that the Netherlands pioneered legalizing same sex marriage.  Countries such as Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland and Argentina followed suit.

However, there are varied views on this kind of family setup with some in favor while others vehemently object to it.  This debate runs through governments with some passing legislation in favor or against same sex marriage.

Main Discussion

Sullivan (1996), in his article tends to refer to adduce to the fact that public acceptance of homosexuality is a threat to the traditional nuclear family.  He further explains that rejection of homosexuals leaves them bitter and end up hating conventional nuclear families.

Bennett (1996) on the other hand argues that allowing same sex marriage would lead to a long term social disaster.  He cites Harvard’s Professor Pattulo (1993) in explaining that the impact on the young would be negative as they would be born with potential to live gay.  He also argues that sex education in schools would be totally thrown in disarray and the topic will lose its meaning.  Bennet’s work concludes a notch higher and observes the marriage institution is already heavily burdened with divorce and births out of wedlock and the last thing it needs is the extra burden of gay marriage.

These two excerpts have tied to enlighten on both sides of the divide on this subject but did not exhaust the topic.  Important to note is the relationship of religious institutions in regard to gay marriage.  According to Bennet, religious institutions also give the strong arguments against gay marriage as the deny accommodation, employment and adoption to such couples.  As a matter of fact many churches such as the Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints among others are completely opposed to gay marriage.  This is further emphasized by the fate of the biblical Sodom and (Leviticus 18:22) that warns against same sex partnerships.

It should be noted that opponents of gay marriage, according to Bennet (1996), assert that children benefit from being raised in a mutual and legal institution with two parents at the helm. As much as science has shown that gay parents are as fit and as other “normal” parents; gay parenting is critiqued to have some “abnormal” or unusual psychological effect on the children

Education in schools always expound on sex education which does not discuss same sex marriage.  There is concern that information being given in schools might not be accurate.  Others additionally feel that such information will undermine parent rights over their children’s education.


According to Bennet (1996) same sex marriages tend to have negative psychological effects in relation to social status, legal benefits, rights and privileges among others.  Key is the fact that same sex couples in civil unions end up being denied equal access to benefits, rights and privileges enjoyed by married couples under federal law.  This can well be explained by the constitutionalism of the phrase “marriage between a man and a woman.”

On the other hand, Sullivan (1996) asserts that discrimination against lesbians, gay and bisexuals poses a negative psychological effect on the victims and should therefore be discouraged. Sullivan further argues that since gay marriage is a social issue, which is legally entrenched in the constitution, it should not be vehemently fought as that would be a violation of the freedom of expression

Same sex marriages raise legal issues in different jurisdictions.  Studies indicate that same sex marriages are less stable that opposite sex marriages with main culprits being lesbian unions.  These dissolutions often lead to legal tussles which might not be well covered in federal law.

Conclusively, it is therefore worth noting that same sex marriages pose major dangers to the society that good.  Discrimination should not suffice but these unions should be limited as they cause much harm to children than adults.  The government should consider passing legislation to limit such liaisons and encourage healthy opposite sex marriages.  The education system should also protect the young ones against such institutions that do nothing but just lead to moral decadence.



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