Free Custom «Experiences of Internet Pornography» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Experiences of Internet Pornography» Essay Paper

The origin of pornography is traced to the mid 14th century. Languages such as English and Italian spread vastly with the help of literature on manuscripts that contained sexy descriptions. These manuscripts like Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (1387) were read out loud in public to illiterate people, helping them learn the languages. Giovanni Baccaccio’s Decameron (1349-51) was filled with innuendoes. Boccaccio and Chaucer kept writing many popular works that turned English and Italian into national tongue. In the 15th century, the printing press was catching on and was mostly dedicated to theological, scholarly, religious and scientific works. However, there were others that did more to make printing popular like Pierto Aretino’s Postures (1524) had illustrations of sexual positions.

Three hundred years later, photography became the new medium for pornographic interests. The electronic era of television, video tapes and computers brought a new medium for pornography to be transmitted. The internet, specifically, the World Wide Web led to avenues where people can indulge in pornography while remaining relatively anonymous. Internet pornography has various formats which include image formats, e-magazines and comics, video clips and streaming video, chat rooms, webcams and audio files.

Internet pornography provides people with a cheaper way to access explicit material without having to answer to anyone. It may serve as a source of entertainment to individuals. However, when people are entertained, they may want to experiment so as to feel the effects of what they are viewing. They experiment with dangerous fetish ideas that are viewed in some pornographic sites may lead to physical harm or fatality. These fetish practices include erotic asphyxiation, where individuals strangle themselves to get a sexual rush. Other fetishes are sado-masochism, where people hurt themselves to get sexual pleasure. This includes whipping and burning with candle wax. Internet pornography contains offensive material such as bestiality, where people engage in sexual activity with animals.

In this day and age, most households have computers with access to the internet. It helps couples and individuals, who wish to get sexual advice and spice up their lives. They have a place where they can get the information cheaper and faster. However, the decision on the exact thing to do may vary. One may want to try on a bizarre idea that the other may not find acceptable and, since these ideas often need the two to implement, intimacy in relationships between couples will be greatly affected. Conflicts between these couples may lead to break-ups, separation and divorces.

Internet pornography is helping individuals by providing a source of employment for those who might have had a harder time getting into videos and films of the kind. Video conferencing is done using webcams and payments are made through online credit card charge. Though this is a way to make money, those featured in this field find it hard to move to other fields of employment. They may have talents in other fields but fail to explore them because of being denied the opportunity to do so.

Through reinforcing fear that parents have for their children accessing pornography on the internet it has led to parents learning how to use computers so that they know how to block sites that they don’t want their children to access. The level of computer literacy in adults subsequently increases. On the other hand, this knowledge may lead to a rise in the number of people, who are addicted to pornography through the internet because it offers a cheaper way to access pornography. Addiction leads to other problems such as erectile dysfunction and addiction to masturbation. People develop mental problems from prolonged addictive use of internet pornography. Depression and insomnia are a common characteristic.

People making efforts to quit pornography suffer from withdrawal symptoms, similar to those suffered from drug addicts. They become irritable, lack focus, become paranoid, have panic attacks, shake severely, and have migraines and mood swings. Someone suffering this much, especially for the first two months, is most likely to relapse especially if not monitored. Addiction to pornography is harder to beat. The internet has increased the number of addiction cases. While a drug can be flushed out of a person’s system, pornographic images stay in the brain forever like a stash that can be accessed at any time.

Computer generated graphics are often first tried out by pornographic sites to enhance human computer interaction. It helps software companies get an easy market and generate funds mostly through these sites. A large amount of money is generated from internet pornography. About $3,000 is spent on internet pornography every second. However, people are spending insane amounts of funds to channel pornography leaving them in challenging financial situations.

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It helps to give parents an easy time to discuss sex with their children. By accessing mild pornography, they inform their children what happens in the world and teach them ways to avoid being preyed upon. If they are armed with information about how people track children on the internet, then they will be less susceptible to pedophiles. However, though information will help them protect themselves, the same might harm them. Children will access the internet to view pornography and, without effective restrictions to prevent them from viewing explicit material, they have an abundant source. These sites’ warnings do not have tangible ways to prevent access in case the viewer is underage. After they view pornographic material, they may want to act out sexually, on each other. Children will have a preoccupation with sexual activity at an early age.

On one hand, viewing of sexual activity on a computer is better. Passive viewing like on Television is an anti-social activity that leaves a void, people often fill by violence. Computers are interactive by nature and, involve the viewer in a lot of activity so that they don’t have pent up energy. On the other hand, sexual violence is often explicit in these sites and may lead to experimentation.

Porn is viewed by some as a form of exercise and a common ground for socialization. Chat rooms on these sites provide a forum for people to socialize, and share problems they would not have previously asked. A person, who is ill and is afraid of going to the hospital, will get advice and motivation to get treatment. Chat rooms are easy to join and cyber predators masquerading as peers use these chat rooms to get close to their prey. By giving personal information to people in chat rooms, individuals make easy prey.

Some research supports a link between pornography and decreased incidences of rape. Internet pornography is used as a substitute for rape. However, other crimes are on the rise and internet pornography helps in the spread of these crimes. Pedophilias have a place where they can engage their fantasies and, an online support group that encourage them. Child pornography in the internet is widespread. Children are being used as sex slaves. They are advertised and sold like commodities over the internet, with sites for bidding. The anonymity provided by these sites, is a hindrance to the authorities who may want to apprehend the perpetrators.

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Internet porn is increasingly sounding like a personal choice. Though, many individuals condemn it in public; even more people are using the internet to access pornographic sites. Some countries have legalized mild levels of pornography. Internet pornography is seen as a good thing by others and as offending by others. Pornography, like any other thing, has varying content. Some of the content is useful and some is not. Dangerous content is also available giving people ideas that harm others. Internet pornography is a reality that should be dealt with openly and, with an open mind.

The serious issue when it comes to pornography is children. No one wants to see children getting hurt at any time. Child pornography is one of the worst results of internet pornography. Laws have been put in place to combat this problem; unfortunately, it is not enough to stop this activity completely. Those dealing with child pornography are going access borders to avoid capture and prosecution. Children are abducted everyday to feed this growing industry. With more countries putting laws into place, there is hope that this may stop soon.

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Pornography will not cease to exist anytime soon. Some level of pornography is allowed. Age limit should be taken seriously and, tangible measures should be put in place to stop minors from accessing pornography in the internet. Parents should make an effort to educate their children, so that they are not misled.



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