Free Essay Sample «Enhancing Supplements»

Free Essay Sample «Enhancing Supplements»

The use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport is also called doping. It is mostly used to improve athletic performance. This is why many sports ban the use of performance enhancing drugs. The use of drugs to enhance performance is considered unethical by most international sports organizations and especially the International Olympics Committee. The reasons for the ban are mainly the alleged health threat of performance-enhancing drugs, the equality of opportunity for athletes and the supposedly excellent effect of clean in the public.

The use of performance enhancing drugs has led to athletes exercising an unfair advantage over their opponents and violating the ideals of sportsmanship since breaking the law to stay competitive is regarded by many observers as a further affront to the ideals of sportsmanship. Drug testing is done to uphold the integrity of sports by expunging cheaters.  The use of these drugs has affected the careers of many elite athletes. Athletes who test positive for drugs at the Olympic level are stripped of their medals and records and are suspended from all competition for two years on the first offense. The desire to remain competitive among athletes goes a long way toward explaining their willingness to use performance-enhancing drugs. (enotes)

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The consequences for using Performance enhancing drugs are dangerous to the user’s health; they can cause strokes, seizures, heart attacks and even death. They can also raise people's blood sugar and cause an irregular heart rhythm. Lasting use can lead to addiction and the most severe consequences for using steroids are bleeding unusually, bone pain, cancer, depression, growth stunted, heart attacks, kidney disease, liver disease, and death. Most of those that used performance-enhancing drugs either died instantly, because they took the drugs wrongly, or have died later on in life, but they only truly established half of their life, because it shortened their life, or they have ended up jail for life and end up dying in jail. Performance enhancing drugs in sports has gone to where each athletic brings out the destructive competitive side in individuals which is causing more problems daily. We should be able to take part in sports and not care who wins or loses. If performance enhancing drugs were permitted in all sports competitions, contend supporters of the drug ban, athletes would have to become virtual guinea pigs in order to remain competitive. And since athletes regularly take larger doses of steroids and other drugs than medical patients, the long-term health effects of such drug use are unknown. Health reports from some athletes exposed to performance-enhancing drugs offer reason for caution. (Lambeth)

Keeping drugs out of athletic competition has only become more tricky for sports authorities since drug testing was introduced to the Olympic Games in 1968. Changing social norms and technology, which spurred the initial drive to ban drugs in sports, may end up settling the debate. Western societies have shown increasing acceptance for using drugs to enhance performance in areas of life outside of athletics. The main reason for use of these drugs is the desire to win competitions however they should first of all see the long term and short term effects of use of these drugs from poor health to being humiliated by being exposed. Athletes should learn to compete fairly and accept defeat because this is what makes the competitions exciting. The use of performance enhancing drugs also reduces the time frame for competing hence it leads to them not reaching their full potential as they wish.


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