Free Custom «Emergency and Disaster Management» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Emergency and Disaster Management» Essay Paper


It is a very true fact that the greatest and most successful people and business have a common factor in them. It is in this regard that this paper aims at critically evaluating some of the most outstanding traits that are found in people and businesses which are considered as being the main reason as to why the businesses have a difference between them and other ordinary businesses and people. In order to objectively analyze the topic, the paper has been subdivided into mainly two main parts which are business skills and people skills.

Business skills


In business, communication forms a very integral part of all the operations needed to transform an ordinary business into a story of success. This is further aggravated by the fact that the world today has fiercely turned into the information and technology controlled globe. In this regard, every aspect of the business nowadays rotates around having effective communication system so as to have an edge in the market (Gundling 2003). In considering this aspect, communication in business is mainly composed of written communication, social networking, speaking, sales and negotiations.

In regard to the written aspect of communication, businesses spend a huge amount of their time dong the communication in writing. It is true that the memos meant for inter office communication are rare nowadays, still a lot of writing is done in response to the inbox. Also in addition to the written aspects of communication, white papers and resumes also demand that sharpness in businesses to deal written communication is enhanced in businesses. Social networks also present a very strong ground on which businesses can enhance communication with the market by listening to the stakeholders in the market. Finally speaking to the specific stakeholders in the market forms a very effective part of communication in businesses. As a matter of fact, it is through speaking that businesses are well equipped with the opportunity to either sell or even negotiate for deals in the daily operations. It is therefore important that businesses have very sharp speaking skills which are intended at ensuring that the market is fully informed about the business by word of mouth (Knox 2007).


For any business to have a long life in the industry and in the selected region or market, then it is very important that cautious steps are taken to ensuring that the planning process that is adopted by the business is very effective. As a matter of fact, planning only helps a business in ensuing that the way forward is brightly lit. This is in terms of the projects it is planning to carry out, the financial commitments it has a head, the risks it could face and the logistics that are important for its survival to the future.

In regard to the planning aspect of a business, it is important that any business remains strategic in the operations that it carries around. By being strategic, a business is a good planner if at all it is in the front raw on the road being marched in by the other players in the industry. A strategic business is always on the steering wheel as all the activities that it involves in are aimed at ensuring that the business is not involved in moving from one problem to another (Gundling 2003). Project managers in business are also very important people in ensuring that the investments done in a business are optimally creating profits and that the projects being developed and those that are being implemented remain as viable as possible. Poor financial and risk planning may be another reason as to why most of the business runs down. As a matter of fact, if a business is in a position to effectively plan for the financial and risk future, then it can be easily said that the business is in very safe and profitable future.


Creativity ranks so high in business that a recent study which was conducted by IBM concluded that it ranks highly than even integrity and global thinking, two skills which were previously regarded very highly (Denny, 2007). Majority of the people might not be familiar with the actual meaning of creativity in business, but simply creativity can be looked on as mere imagination, a craft which entails breaking with the status quo of the industry, revenue model, and enterprise (Denny, 2007).  For instance, a creative CEO is likely to be bend, flex, and stretch his or her thinking to impart imagination, future thinking in creating new ways that will enable his or her to meet, profit, people, and planet, the so called triple bottom line (Denny, 2007).

Inventiveness, another facet of creativity, allows a business to come up with new and competitive products (Denny, 2007). As a positive attribute in business creativity provides a business with innovative solution that accords it an opportunity to succeed in the market.  This is precisely the reason why majority of the businesses are always hunting for individuals who are creativity or who exhibit inventive qualities to hire. Problem solving ability is another facet of creativity which is actually one of the most sort-after qualities by corporations (Denny, 2007). This quality coupled with the trouble shooting quality are vital qualities that are particularly important in customer services, plumbing, web development, engineering, and any other industry in general (Denny, 2007).

Another facet of business creativity which is equally vital in business is brainstorming. People have always confused brainstorming with problem solving, however brainstorming is essentially where “great ideas from employees and other stakeholder in the business emerge while sitting down for a cup of coffee” (Denny, 2007). From the above it is no doubt that being creative entails having a great imagination which you are not afraid of using, being inventive and coming up with new ideas, being a problem solver, and lastly, being able to brainstorm effectively.

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Time management

Time management aide in reducing stress and increase respect one gets. A person who has poor time management will always be full of excuses, they always get to job late with a lot of excuses. It involves techniques used to mange tom to accomplish a certain mission. It involves setting goals, planning, allocating time, analyzing time, and collecting necessary resources that will necessitate the activities. Time management is formulated in combination techniques, tools, methods and processes.  Time management is necessary in order to achieve set goals within a given time frame. . (Katz, R, 2009)

Meeting management

There are challenges in organizing a meeting but if the organization gets in the right track and under control, a business will forge ahead. It involves study and identifying the target audience, the logistics of the meeting, devising agenda of the meeting and coordinating essential technical support for the meeting prior to the event day. Post-Analysis of the expenditure in order to aid in planning the next meeting and also to rate the viability and the future expectations in organizing a related meeting is looked at. . (Katz, R, 2009)

Meetings should be guided by time, it is recommended to set time frame for every agenda in the meeting. Agendas are listed and time is assigned just below it. A moderator is involved in order to set the tempo of the meeting. Meeting should start immediately as scheduled but if the organizers don’t appear then the meeting is cancelled. Organizers are the custodians of the minutes. Minutes of the meeting should be distributed to all who attended. A meeting should stick to its agenda throughout and any new topic should be discussed after completion of the first agenda.


Leadership is ability to influence other people in support for accomplishment of a certain common task.  Good leadership is rated by its behavior, values, habits, skills and motives. A leader is responsible the action of the whole team in an operation. (Katz, R, 2009)

Leadership requires a lot of skill since handling people with different characteristics will involve needs understanding and wisdom. Fundamental idea is having good understanding of human nature, their motivations and emotions.  Communication should be soft and full of wisdom; a good leader leads by example especially in performing a difficult task. All situations are always but a specific task is fit by certain values for examples confronting a worker for certain mistakes should come at the right time; not too late too early . Situations have long impact over certain actions therefore consistency have little impact on situations.

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Business should be operated through systems that viable and long term. Changing system every time will the cost of operation within a business entity. System is an organization integrated which contain other small subsystems integrated together to achieve a specific goal. An organization is broken into small parts of management and administrative functions, or groups.  Systems are integrated in hierarchies complex systems allows its systems to run some of its operations independently.

A well organized keep on communicating with its sub systems to ensure that they remain focused on a specific goal and if any part of it losses direction, they are able to rectify it easily.

Personal productivity

Before starting to lead, one should be able to perform its task his best. Productivity is a measurement of the output of a person per input. Employee productivity measures the cost of output to the input.  It involves the amount if income generated through the effort of an employee or products produced through in a certain time frame.

People skills

In business that is successful, people skills are a very crucial part of the human resource since it is through the skills that the business is represented to the outside environment using communication. It is therefore imperative that the communication aspects that have been discussed in the previous part of the paper are made possible using the people skills that have been discussed below.

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Understanding people

For a business to effectively compete in the market, an understanding of the different people in the market is very much compulsory. This is due to the fact that the players that are found in the market are of different shapes and sizes yet they all have to be satisfied in their own capacity by the same business. It is therefore very helpful and an advantage to the business when the people it has on the ground is having a complete understanding of the market (Knox 2007).

Clear expression of thoughts and feelings

The main purpose of the business is to sell itself to the market more than any of the competitors that it has. As a matter of fact, it is the level at which a business sells itself to the stakeholders in the market that determines the levels at which effective marketing occurs. As a matter of fact, it is in this same breath that the business that wants to optimally perform in the market has to ensure that the market is made fully aware of the specific ideas and business purposes that the specific business is selling to the market (Knox 2007).

Influencing how others think and act

The ability to influence people and especially how they think and act is an important skill in business (Grundy, & Brown, 2004).  The power and ability to steer people toward certain thinking and acting without coercing or deceiving them, the actual exertion of power, is all what we are referring to in this case.  Of all peoples’ skills this particular one will work to a person’s advantage in majority of the cases. This is precisely what Robert Cialdini in his “six principles of persuasion” refers to when he say how persuasion creates influence, which is a power more potent and permanent than even “coercive power” as we know it in business (Grundy, & Brown, 2004).  In explaining the short life span of coercive power of managers Robert explain how this kind of power “can be here today and gone tomorrow (Grundy, & Brown, 2004)”.   Normally, persuasion has several principle which includes; authority, scarcity, reciprocity, social proof, and consistency (Grundy, & Brown, 2004).

Authority in this case refers to the reliable expertise that a person has in a particular instance (Grundy, & Brown, 2004). For instance, when an advertisement says that a certain dental product has been recommended by dentists what the ad is trying to do is to influence consumers. Consistency on the other hand refers to upholding a previously stated stand or commitment (Grundy, & Brown, 2004).  Employees and customers have demonstrated their willingness to follow a consistent person, one who can be relied not to change his or her earlier stated stand or commitment.

One quality that is normally exploited by leaders is the habit of people to “repay in kind” (Grundy, & Brown, 2004), a tendency that is called as reciprocity. For a person to enjoy unfettered influence on his or her subjects he or she ought to reciprocate their deeds though listening to them or appreciating their deeds. That way they are likely to give you not only their undivided attention but also their deeds. Another area where reciprocity applies has to do with the liking; this essentially means that people will respond in kind to a person who demonstrates his or her admiration to them.  This therefore means that the mere act of appreciating and exhibiting open liking of people will go along way in according a person unfettered influence on people. Scarcity is also another ingredient of influence, together with social proof.  

Speaking up when your needs are not being met

Just as important in business relationships as in domestic ones, speaking up to ensure that ones needs are met is a fundamental part of any relationship. Overworking leads to stress or even mental problems.

Ones need time to relax his mind for physical and mental protections. Human beings like being respected and given appreciation when performing a certain duty, feel that work is being appreciated and heard when they give an opinion. Work place should be free from hostility and feelings of anger and should feel that their colleagues to be meaningful to them. One should have time to calm at a certain point in after working for a long time throughout the day. Mental instability comes as a result of overloading the mind. If their no one to inspire, one gets tired and due to lack proper job practice therefore leading to stress. Feeling that treatment given does not offer enough reward due to perceived discrimination, will threatened ones mind. Ignorance and poor communication will to even instability in mind.

Feelings of employees are greatly influenced by company’s policy and their reward schemes. When the output is high and the reward is low, employees will loose their interest on their works therefore leading collisions with the management. Excess stress will lead destruction in social life by over drinking alcohol taking addictive drugs. A body with a lot of stress will undergo strain and depression there increasing the cost of medication and acute chronic diseases.

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An employee should learn to solve their problem with their colleagues and try to work towards achieving a specific goal or the set goals of the company. 

Bringing conflicts to the surface and getting them resolved

Managing conflict is not the easiest of the task; this is especially if such conflicts are underground. Normally, the first step towards managing conflict and resentments is to bring them to the surface where they can be more easily managed. For instance, subordinates might be harboring resentment toward their senior, in such a case until these resentments are found out or unearthed, a process that will entail bringing to the surface these dark secret, it will almost be impossible to get a lasting solution to them.  It might be humiliating, even embarrassing and requiring a great deal of patience, however according people an opportunity to put across their disappointment, anger, and concerns, gives a person a tremendous opportunity to put things right, or even assist them to see where their feeling and thoughts are misplaced.



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