Free Custom «Effects of Television on the Viewers » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Effects of Television on the Viewers » Essay Paper


Due to rapid changes in the technology and lifestyles, people are subjected to various encounters with media through different ways. The parents and the teachers want their children to gain some knowledge from the educative programmes but the attention of the young people is fully geared towards none educative contents which have negative impacts on their lives. According to Professor George Gerbner, a dean of the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania, there are some cultivation effects of violent in light and heavy viewers of Television. The study below focus on the other effects of Television watching on the viewers apart from that of violence.

Cultivation effects on light and heavy Television viewers

Television has negative impacts on those who watch it too often. It captures all the attention and wastes most of their time. Initially people would spend most of their free time interacting and socializing with friends that they would learn many things concerning social life and ways of overcoming life obstacles. Currently people pass all their time watching programmes which mostly do not deliver educative contents but are rather misleading. The original cultures of the societies have been erased and replaced by some cultures which are copied from the television shows. For example, the dress codes is rapidly changing across the world with the young people copying what they see the actors and presenters of television programmes putting on and not what they are taught by their parents or experienced members of the society. The television programmes have also cultivated immorality especially to the youths. Theyare attracted to watching programmes with pornographic contents and are mostly tempted to practice them after spending most of the time watching (Ameasha Brown, 2006 pp.4).

Most of the pragrammes which are highly liked by the young people are romantic movies and they have been found to be very influential in the behavior of the viewers as they try to implement what they watch in their daily lives and relationships with the others. This is results into many cases of disagreements, for example, if a party in a relationship does not get the treatment that he or she expects from the spouse. This is also found to be the cause of cases of separations divorces in the young couples as the parties try to compare their lives with what they learn from the television contents. Some sensitive subjects like sexuality and drug abuse are not well delivered thus the viewers end up misinterpreting them, for example, a programmme which shows women to be sex objects may deliver wrong information to the young people (Ambekar, 2008 pp. 4). 

The teachers and other mentors in life are having difficult time as they struggle molding the behaviors of the young people because they spend most of their time watching television hence the contents of what they watch is highly reflected in their ways of doing things more than what they are taught in school or by their parents. Some of the parents are too busy thus they have no time to interact with their children (pens87, 2011pp.5).


Television viewing is very common and important in today’s life. However, there are a number of negative effects it causes on the lives of individuals especially the young generation. Sensitive issues like sexuality, substance abuse are not well communicated to the audiences thus they end up misinterpreting them and the effects they cause are harmful not only physically but also psychologically. It is therefore essential that measures are put in place to ensure that television contents are fit for the entire human



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