Free Custom «Discussion» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Discussion» Essay Paper

General response to this article

The general response to this article was characterized by an element of ambivalence. Whereas many in the social mainstream cite cruelty under the sanctions of religion, the radical elements and religious extremists felt that Aisha at 18 met her due recompense. Nevertheless, it is a fact that in the article Aisha is the epitome of discrimination, injustice and atrocity meted against Muslim women.

This article’s influence on personal thoughts concerning US’ role in Afghanistan

The article confirms that the US is a liberator fighting for justice and emancipation of Afghans whose freedom has been in captivity to Taliban forces. This is because the 9 year war in Afghanistan has been only between the terrorist outfit, the Taliban and the US forces. US’ premature withdrawal means the surrendering of Afghanis’ liberty to Taliban oppression.

United States’ historical and ongoing role in creating a social environment where Afghan women and girls were (and are) regularly victimized

The US has created a social environment where afghan women and girls are victimized, but only indirectly. This it has done by engaging the Taliban and terrorist forces in combat, thereby hardening the stance taken by those amenable to radical Islam. These terrorist outfits therefore turn to oppressing their women as a way of unleashing anti- American backlash.

What does this article say about Afghan women’s lives before and after United States intervention in Afghanistan?

Before the US intervention in Afghanistan, women’s lives therein had not been any better, especially during the time in which the Taliban was in control. Women were forced to live in oppressive systems that totally curtailed their freedom of conscience, expression, assembly, movement and the ownership of property, among others.

The authors of this essay’s say about the TIME Magazine article

The authors are likely to refer to the Time Magazine as bold and objective, given that it reports on activities that take place at the grassroots in Afghanistan.

Interpreting the United States’ motivation for being in Afghanistan

US’ presence in Afghanistan is legitimate given that its activity therein is twofold: to fight terrorism; and to restore and safeguard human rights, freedom and dignity.

Discussion Question 2

According to the author, the Confucian cultural values are portrayed in the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon are obedience, faithfulness and discipline.  The "Three Obediences" mentioned in the movie are: Shu Lien agreeing to transport the Green Destiny to Beijing; Mu Bai and Shu Lien agreeing to the order to retrieve the Green Destiny; and the returning back of the Green Destiny- that the effort resulted into Mu Bai’s death, that notwithstanding (Mayeda, Pasko and Ramos, 2010).

The "Three Obediences" promoted in cultural groups other than Confucian Chinese culture and the "Four Virtues"

The “three obediences” are stressed in all cultural groups such, for instance, in all Abrhamic religions. The book of Proverbs by King Solomon for instance admonishes the importance of these. The four virtues, faithfulness, obedience, discipline and moral integrity are all stressed in other circles.  

According to the author, since the 9/11 attacks on the United States, our country's culture has gone through a number of transformations. Explaining these cultural transformations.

The cultural transformation that America has undergone has seen it recede to being racist with Arabs, Muslims and African Americans being profiled for terrorist suspects. America has also backtracked its stand on democracy and human rights [especially, the Miranda Rights] ideals in its quest to rein in terrorist suspects through interrogation and surveillance.

Personal feeling about the "culture of fear" or the "culture of surveillance" that the Harold & Kumar film mocks

It is easy to criticize America for its entrenchment of surveillance and combative stance. However, a closer look at the matter vindicates America as a nation whose interests, body politic, allies and resources are always under the threat of a terrorist attack. Above all, radical Islam cannot be quelled through diplomatic means.

Discussion Question 3

Exercise 1

The author discusses how countries that have a massive gap in wealth between the rich and the poor also tend to have other social problems. What are some of these additional social problems, and why do they escalate even in wealthy countries where the rich are so much wealthier than the poor?

The social problems extant in the above case may include: lawlessness and stealing; drug trafficking; terrorism; money laundering; and piracy.  These problems are likely to spiral into neighboring nations due to globalization, porous borders, permissive immigration rules and the ubiquitous nature of these problems (McKinney, 2007).

Statistics and figures illustrating global stratification

The statistics on global stratification are not shocking, given that they capture the disparity of fortunes that exist between developed and least developed countries.

Exercise 2

Looking at issues such as work, income, gender, and health care, and ways in which racial stratification in this documentary is visible

Racial stratification comes in by the virtue of the fact that despite the rest of the social constructs such as age, class and gender, the white race remains the richest, worldwide, followed by the Semitic and Arabic race. Those from the African descent remain poorest, not only in the US, but also by the fact that all African countries with the exception of South Africa are least developed countries (Parrillo, 2008).

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Personal take on the racial stratification in this video stemming more from a "culture of poverty" or "power-differential theory," and reasons

The racial stratification in this video stems from the power differential theory; given that it is political power that dictates the appropriation and distribution of resources of economic values.

Exercise 3

The visibility of  social stratification in these videos

Social stratification in the video is seen in class strata, gender and race. Above all, the manner in which wealth is distributed across these divides exemplifies the reality of social stratification.

The different types of stratification that exist in a prison, accounting for this stratification and further questions do these videos raise, if any

In a prison, it is possible for racial stratification to take place along race, religion, ideology and sexual orientation. Race, religion and ideology will form a type of racial stratification due to the need to ascribe to the ‘we- feeling’ and the need for security in a place in which physical attacks, bullying and victimization is imminent. Sexual orientation may be a strong form of social stratification herein, given that conjugal rights are always not administered in prisons. New coming homosexual inmates are likely to remain in the company of homosexual inmates for protection and favors, while heterosexuals may remain in company of heterosexuals to avoid being sodomized.



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