Free Custom «Detailed Critique of Website » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Detailed Critique of Website » Essay Paper

This website provides detailed aesthetic information plus advice and is a purely commercial website. The information provided acts as a selling point for the various products related to the content provided in the deferent sections of the website. There are advertisements for several products running at different positions of the website. There is also a shop, called the Consultingroom shop which has a wide collection of the relevant products that are available from different companies. In addition, the website has links to the various products’ websites whose information it gives. These links are very useful in the online world because they direct huge numbers of customers to the merchants’ websites from where they are given more guidance and depending on how serious the customers are, they end up buying the products in most of the cases.

An example of such a link is AquamidTM, which is available at one of the site’s pages: ( When you click on this link, it directs you a way and takes you to ( which then gives you simple steps to follow in order to get the product. This demonstrates the commercial status of the website and what value it accords the customer. The website is marketed as UK’s largest aesthetic information website and for sure it delivers a wealth of information concerning various aesthetic products like dermal fillers which are popular for face treatments. Therefore it is evident that the main goal of the content provision of this website is definitely to derive commercial benefit from the website’s existence.

The content on the website is very rich and it provides value for users; who will get not only knowledge but useful tips and guidance on where and how to get what they are looking for. It gives customized information in a clear and precise content flow that delivers to the user in an understandable manner. A user will easily get what he or she is looking for without much struggle. The content is organized in a clear format that is easy to follow even for the user who does not have very high scale experience in using and navigating websites. For example, when describing a particular product in the line of dermal fillers, it starts by giving brief and concise product summary which gives the important details of the product at a glance. The value of this to the user is that it takes into consideration the fact that there are some users who will always be in a hurry and all they want is just a brief description that will give them a clue on what the product is all about. They need a good starting point before they can make up their mind on whether to use the product or not. Such product summaries therefore serve these users in a perfect way. They will get acquainted on the most important information about the product, and then they can come back later for more information and more actions like ordering or requesting for more advice.

This factor is very crucial in content provision because it serves the curiosity part of the users before they can settle down fully to digest the information. After the brief product summary, the content then opens up full stream to give a detailed account of the product and this is where the whole message is now delivered. For dermal filler products, the content starts by giving the generic name, then moves to describe how it works, skin test requirements, its temporary or permanent nature, status of licensing, range of products available in the market, situations where it cannot be used, period of effect, side effects that are expected, costs and clinical results.

The content is accompanied by pictures and illustrations for user to see what is being presented. The various products are displayed in the finished form, exactly the way they appear in the market once they are released by the manufacturers. The prove of functionality of the products being discussed is demonstrated through the pictures that show the cases of patients who have already used the product in display. It gives an illustration of the appearance before use of the product and the appearance after use of the product. A user seeking surety and authoritative confidence before using any product will find the website so helpful, because here they will see the outcome of the product’s usage on patients. In other words, the content is presented in such a way that it convinces the user beyond doubt that the product works. And this is not just hyped up information, but genuine information that has been searched and sourced from the original manufacturer of the product whose links are well provided and positioned.

There is a provision for the user to contact the providers directly through the website’s consultancy section. It therefore implies that one will be able to clarify something that may not be clear by contacting the specialists who will respond immediately to any queries raised. This is a good feature on any useful website because the user is left satisfied, in contrast to the majority of websites currently online which can end up leaving the user frustrated and totally misguided. Perhaps a slight undoing of the content provision is the failure to give instant explanation to complex scientific terms that are used on individual pages. Although these terms have been well explained elsewhere in the expansive website, a new user may experience difficulties trying to understand the meaning of some terms used in some parts of the content.

For example, when one opens the page that is giving information on HydrafillTM, the term “hyaluronic acid” under generic name may not be familiar to every user coming to the website and one may want to know more about it. If there was a highlighter that gives instant explanation of this term, then the user will derive more satisfaction. While its meaning has been given elsewhere, the user will have to spend sometime in order to locate it and this may end up consuming time that the user dint actually plan to spend. Overall, the user will derive optimum value at the end of using the website.

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Technical Implementation

The technical implementation of the website is generally well done despite the fact that it looks crowded with too much information sections on every single page. This can turn out to be confusing for a user who is looking for a tiny piece of information because it will take some good amount of time to locate the information; while in fact it should take the shortest time possible. However, most of the other technical aspects of the website are well implemented and it meets the standards of technical presentation to an average user who is specifically being targeted. The download speeds are above average because it takes seconds for one to download a huge amount of data from the website whenever one desires to do so. It does not prove complex when it comes to downloading speeds, implying that the website’ architecture is light even considering the fact that it is loaded with very heavy information when compared to a normal website of the same category.

Interoperability is moderately achieved though not to the highest of standards. There is room for one to move from one page to another without much struggle but there is a technical challenge when it comes to getting back to what one has already covered in the course of going through the information. Say, the user has read to the bottom of the page and suddenly discovers that there is something that is interlinked to a part at the top of the page. Such a user will normally find it appropriate to quickly move to the top section of the page and access the already covered part. This technical feature has not been implemented because for users to achieve this on the website, they will have to scroll up and strain in trying to locate the specific part. A normal user will feel derailed and some may end up checking out of the website to attend to something else or come back sometime later. In a commercial sense, this is a customer lost because one is not sure if the customer will ever come back to the website again.

The user who in this case is a potential customer can easily feel that the website has not been quick to offer the best technical convenience. Such customers will normally go searching for more technically enhanced websites because they are aware that it is possible to find one. Interoperability is one area of any website that must be implemented appropriately if users are to be happy with the website. If this lacks, then the website fails to deliver on one common aspect that users (customers) really value when using any category of website.

The accessibility of this website has been implemented excellently. It can be accessed easily from the major search engines like Google and Yahoo by typing the relevant key words on the various search engine platforms. It appears on the first pages in all the search engines and depending on the particular keyword combination a user chooses to use for search, it has the ability to appear as the first website on the search engines. To demonstrate this, when the combination of the keywords “Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, lip lines, Uk” are typed on the Google search engine platform, the website appears number one in the results displayed by Google. This proves the accessibility of the website through normal organic search which is the best and most practical way of proving the level of a website’s accessibility.

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Once in the website, all areas dedicated to the different kinds of products and other information given are easily accessible. No trouble is experienced in terms of accessibility when navigating from one section to another. Programming errors are seldom encountered in all the sections and this is a strong indication of the dedication given to keeping the website in the highest standards of quality. It is evident that the website is frequently checked and necessary corrections of programming errors conducted in order to accomplish a constantly error free environment. Given the understanding that majority of the websites are always full of programming errors which users encounter from time to time; it gives this website an advantage not to have the slightest of errors even at peak times when a large number of users are expected to be using the website. This aspect adds tremendously to the quality of the website.

User Interaction

The website’s user interaction is highly enhanced through the available functional elements of navigation and search tools. The search functionality is available on each and every page of the website and the user can save time by just typing the specific item to be searched in the search box. Numerous results are brought by the search feature which are then displayed still on the current page. Users can then click on the specific desired item in order to go to the particular page that contains information on that item. If the user is interested in treating lip lines for instance and comes to the website to get enlightened on this area especially on the different products that can provide satisfactory results; they can use the search feature. One needs to simply type the words “lip lines” in the search area and click the enter key on the keyboard or just hit the search button next to the search box. This action returns a whole page of content covering the products that are related to treatment of the condition of lip lines. For this case, the products that get displayed include Teosyl, Radiance, Zyderm and Prevelle. By this moment, the user will have gotten a quick insight on what products are available for dealing with lip lines. In fact there are three other pages that are displayed, which give the user even more interaction and a wide range of information just on one single item. Once this content is available from the search, the users are provided even with more interactivity because they can navigate from one item to another until the desired information is attained.

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Another good feature of the search functionality is the ability to bring a collection of several alternatives for a single searched item. This means that the user can still go to other related areas that were not in the mind before the search. Significantly, the user’s mind is opened up into areas that had not been thought of before and one gets more options to explore especially when searching for a new product. In case what is being searched for is not found, the search feature returns a null call, meaning there is no relevant content related to what was searched. Therefore, the user can take a very short time to establish whether the website has content on the right item. Other elements that have been implemented on the website to cater for different categories of users include the clinic login and supplier login, which gives a platform for individual accounts; hence enhancing interaction. For users who might be interested in current happenings, there is a section for news. These enhancements serve the needs of both professionals and general users, whose needs are fundamentally different. Generally, the optimum interaction and navigation ensures that users are at ease, and their desires met.

In conclusion, the website is generally up to standards in terms of meeting the very crucial elements of user satisfaction through content value, technical applications, interaction and friendly navigation. The information provided is not only sufficient as pertains to the area of aesthetic advice and products available in the market, but also helpful to the user due to its clarity and detail in form of words and pictures for illustration. With the increasing development in online applications and the scope of what users expect from websites, it has become extremely imperative that websites provide value for time and resources. One visits a website with much expectations and any website that can stand to be counted as excellent in the face of stiff competition must deliver to the mark. In addition, as online commerce becomes more real with many consumers depending on websites for consultation and buying of goods and services; any commercial website must provide the kind of interaction that users would receive when dealing with normal human beings; and in fact even more. Despite the obvious deficiency in some aspects, this website meets the highest standards of quality. The content is well laid out in all pages, the information is precise, useful and to the point.



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