Free Custom «Critical Letter» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Critical Letter» Essay Paper

Dear Professor,

As my preceding portfolio materials illustrate, I have had many diverse and varied opportunities to develop and strengthen my writing over the course of Education 179W. These opportunities have not only helped me to write better in a general sense, but they have also allowed me to find my professional voice, cultivate a sophisticated sense of critical inquiry, and contribute relevant meaning to the field through my construction of (and participation in) written intellectual discourse. While the different writing assignments enabled me to set and accomplish writing goals through an array of writing tasks and purposes, the related presentations I delivered throughout 179W gave me invaluable practice in explaining, justifying and defending my thoughts, which, over the length of the course, I believe I have become much more successful in establishing, necessitating and conveying. Although, I liked some assignments better than others, and, while finding  certain assignments to be particularly challenging,  looking back upon the culmination of my work, I realize, that my completed assignments have come together to establish my informed opinions (if not authority)  on crucial topics to the field of education, as well as form the basis of my critical orientations.

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The assignments I completed throughout 179W challenged and compelled me to look at the array of topics and media through a variety of critical perspectives, and as such, my writing process was never quite the same for any two assignments. With the essay on modern technological innovations, for example, I took a critical look at how technology has revolutionized 21st century life, while calling the voices of experts and scholars into my conversation, utilizing research to persuade my thoughts and opinions. To write the Orwell response, on the other hand, I focused mainly on close readings and on articulating my own interpretations with appropriate outside support. The piece on “Catch Me if You Can” was like a hybrid of these two assignments, the construction of which was achieved through a process of examining an aesthetic piece of cultural art through a politically oriented critical lens. In all of these instances, careful attention to purpose, style, grammar, tone and peer review guided my writing process.

In conclusion, the written works I have composed throughout the course may have served the small, immediate function of earning credit on my transcript, but the culmination of these writing accomplishments is represented in the skills and achievements that I hope have been manifested throughout this professional portfolio. 


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