Free Custom «Communication and Media» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Communication and Media» Essay Paper


The author tries to bring the out how Islam as a religion, is restricting the females from having equal opportunity as those created for men. Islam as a religion has its norms about how women were supposed to be taken in the society as a whole. The position of a woman was strictly confined to the family and their responsibilities were within the homestead.

The Islamic religion restricted women from doing things that were believed to be only done by men, like politics, law and engineering. Those elite women who did what the community thought that those were mint for only men, targeted to look for jobs in European countries where gender equality is practiced.

The Turkish, Muslim and Arabic women were not allowed to participate in public they were only supposed to be all the time under the commands of their husbands and their families, so this made these women to have no rights of what to do when issues of what careers were mentioned and this deprived their rights.

Traditionally the Arabs and Islam saw women like people who only bring trouble in whatever they did and this made even harder for them to be given great responsibilities, in the society hence few chances were given to women to lead other than men.


The middle east as a whole give little chances to the females compared to their counter parts the males starting from top jobs not that they were no women, who had the required qualifications but just because they were women who were taken to be weaker sex compared to males. This made the elite Arabs, Turkish and Iranian women who were trained to seek employment westward, where equal opportunities are there for both male and female.



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