Free Custom «Cold Examination» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Cold Examination» Essay Paper

The short story “The Use of Force” narrated by William Carlos, addresses the exertion of physical superiority over others asking basic questions concerning the ethics in hurting somebody for his/her own good, and if there is any kind of enjoyment in doing so. In making some decisions, one may end up in conflicting feelings concerning his actions, forcibly gathering the throat culture from the stubborn child that a doctor is examining, and expresses shame at his perverse pleasure in the action. The story is basically ordered by the passive descriptions of the surrounding circumstance and the agitated conclusion that absorbs such like supporting details to present the views of the speaker that, although the doctor saves the child’s life from a disease, he does not care about the young girl and her parent’s emotion. This is seen by the way he struggle amid wails that the child gave due to the pain she experience. This can also be seen where her mother tries to convince them to leave her as she feared that the force that the doctor and the child’s father used may hurt the child.

It is much true that, the behaviors depicted by the little girl contradict her personality as a patient, and the role she is supposed to play as a patient, “Now truly she was furious. She had been on the defensive before but now she attacked”, (William, 54). This forms the reason as to why there is no stability and turmoil in the circumstance, basing on the fact that, she has she is not ready to cooperate with the doctor and parents. This is shown by the reason that she is rebellious as well as spoiled. Considering the condition that, her parents have no restraints, the girl’s vulnerability increases so that she behaves even more badly. Her stubbornness forces the doctor to become more frustrated hence loosing patience. She uses her beauty as a weapon of tempting the doctor, while her ignorance, and continue shielding her from the reality. As a medical doctor, he has to use any available opportunity a great sense of pleasure in defeating the restless patient. Under normal condition, it ends up creating a fight that in most cases might not be governed by social norms. Hence, there is a lack of obedience from the girl and self-discipline from the doctor.

In most circumstances, it is much difficult to ascertain if professional concept of a job be put beforehand or whether to allow personal thinking. Has been true that, when individuals get involved into personal patience, indicates that cannot cope with individuals on a strictly professional degree. In the circumstance, there is a serious epidemic of diphtheria, “I'm here to look at her throat on the chance that she might have diphtheria and possibly die of it,” (William, 18), which makes the situation more forceful for the doctor to take aggressive measures in a cautious way. There is no shame or guilt felt once violent maneuvers are being taken. This makes one to think that, the doctor feels pleasure in pain as he ensures that even after the clashed spoon injured the child, he asked for another one and forced the child to open the mouth amid pain that she was experiencing.

Though the doctor may be compassionate and keen to the behavior of humans, hence a nice man, it is nice for the doctor in such a circumstance to use force to maintain order and regulates the condition. Though it is much known that, the use of strong force is a harsh action, much uncomfortable for the other party, it is much necessary in life. In connection with the condition under which the doctor is involved in, in the story “Use of Force,” it implies that, individuals have limitations of patients. Their patience ends up exploding if it is not recognized.

In conclusion, it is not a simple task to understand the manner in which social roles and personal impulses get mixed up in a manner that is not correct. As an effect, they end up creating a disruptive work environment. The process of separating the two factors is not evident always, though seem to be much important for one to perform his duties or remain civilized. However, cooperation has more advantageous at work place, for instance, apart from easing the process for both parties; it also saves time and shows a more educated manner. For example, the doctor becomes furious in the process of carrying out his duty and waste a lot of time struggling with the child. Yet, if he had used his professional norms, he could have used his professionalism to convince her to comply with the medication. He could also have given her more time to reconsider her behaviors as he attend other people in the hospital rather that wasting all that time.

The use of force need to be questioned very well to analyze its need in this circumstance. Otherwise, a misconception might occur, like how many believed that although the doctor saves the child’s life from a disease, he does not care about the young girl and her parent’s emotion caries more than just occupational scene, but a perverted one too. As a matter of fact, being polite, understanding, and being patient, is not only for the office of the doctor, but need to be taken as a way of life. Saving the girl through inappropriate means saves a life, though it ends up destroying the reputations of careers.



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