Free Custom «Child Neglect» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Child Neglect» Essay Paper

To begin with, the children are the ones who are suffering in this whole issue. It is unfortunate that the mother continues to stay with a cocaine addict knowing very well it is a crime if what the laws state is anything to go by. The boyfriend has threatened her with death threats besides battering her. This is enough evidence that not even the children can be spared by this cocaine addict. The course action in this case should take the following direction (Wolfe & Starr, 2000). The mother is guilty of child neglect and therefore has a case to answer. The boyfriend besides being guilty of drug trafficking abuses the mother of the children and is suspected of having sexually abused a seven-year-old girl. He should therefore be prosecuted.

From an opposite view, it is only the boyfriend to the mother of the children who should be prosecuted. For the simple fact that he is the root cause of all the agony the family is undergoing, should not be overlooked (Gaudin, 1999). This should be done as fast as possible given that the more he continues staying with the family, the more harm he brings on them. The mother should not be prosecuted, as the children need her at this stage in their life. They are not old enough to look after themselves.

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To some extent, the legislative intentions are served once the mother is petitioned and the children removed. This is because the children will be protected from being abused. They will be separated from their mother who was unable to protect them from her abusive boyfriend. The mother is a victim owing to the fact that she was not part of drug dealing but ended up being petitioned and separated from her children. If by any chance the boyfriend is granted a bond, he might make his threat better. In case this happens, the mother and the children would be in danger.

If the mother was not petitioned, I would suggest she end the relationship between her and the boyfriend. In the event that the boyfriend is granted a bond, it would be advisable for her to seek state protection just in case he attempts to attack her and the family. In my state, the laws on drugs are very strict. Drug trafficking can lead to life imprisonment of the trafficker. However, it does not amount to being guilty of child neglect. The state understands that it is children who suffer in most cases. The policy would have a negative impact on children, as they will be separated from their parents besides suffering from trauma (Daniel & Taylor, 2005).


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