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Casablanca is a romantic movie directed by Michael Curtiz. Curtiz is a well known director in the film industry; he directed more than one hundred films in his career as a film director. The film Casablanca has made him win many awards such as the Academy Award for Best Director and other renowned actors. The film hosts a number of actors such as Humprey Bogart, who is the main actor, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, Conrad Veidt, Paul Henreid and many more.

The film is set during the period of the Second World War. It is based on a story of a man who is in a dilemma of choosing between his fiancée or his role in the rescue of the czeth resistance leader of Casablanca a war torn city in Moroccan. The character called Rick (Humprey Borgat) owns a nightclub and a gambling den, which attracts a mixed variety of customers. Rick lives like a normal citizen until signor Ugarte (Peter Lorre) shows up with evidence that Rick had once been a soldier. The evidence that he shows consists of some letters instructing Rick to navigate across Europe. Urgate plans to sell the papers to the highest bidder in the club later that night.

Unfortunately, Ugarte is arrested by Captain Louis Renault and later dies in their custody. Later that night, Lisa arrives to the club with her husband, victor Laszlor (Paul Henreid). Lisa requests Sam who is a house pianist "Play it, Sam. Play 'As Time Goes By'" – 28th. This irritates Rick because it makes him remember his past with Lisa whom he loved and who later left him for her sickly husband. Lisa and her husband are requesting Rick to help them get the papers in order for them to escape from Casablanca.

The film keeps the viewers stuck at their seats when Rick and Iisa start to remember their past when they were together. In this scenario, Lisa tells Rick that she still loves him after threatening with a gun to surrender the papers to her in a deserted café. This brings romance to the film when they are reconciled together and agree to stay behind when Laszlo leaves.

Curtis brings out comedic timing to the action scene in the film, for example, Bogart pulling the pistol on Rains at the end. Rains is accountable for a lot of the humor. Every scene he portrays a smile. This makes the audience look up for more as the film proceeds. The situation in Morocco, according to the film, indicates the lack of freedom of movement because someone without proper papers cannot navigate across Europe. This is evident when Laszlo comes to Rick for the papers. Furthermore, colonialism is evident when Morocco is governed by the French. Rick uses power to rescue Laszlo from the Renault by using a gun, which was arranged by Rick after blackmailing by promising Renault to set him up for serious crimes such as possession of transit letters. When Strasser tries to intervene, Rick shoots him.

In the film, disappointment is evident when Rick disagrees to go with Lisa as they had planned at the café when Iisa comforted him to rescue herself and her husband, “Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life”. This made Iisa very disappointed as she travelled with her husband Lisbon. It n only disappointed Lisa but also frustrated her feelings towards Rick with whom she had a relationship in the past. This makes the audience wanting for more as the film ends.



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