Free Essay Sample «Article Critique»

Free Essay Sample «Article Critique»

The purpose of this article was to examine the changing trends experienced in a medical recreation home. The intent was to explore the conditions that young entrants in the care homes associated with octogenarians were and how the homes modify their program to accommodate this group of patients. The article therefore is dominated by questions leading to how management of this care giving homes, the nature of the patients booked in and unique patterns of behavior associated with specific behavior of a group of patients. As far as literature is concerned, the article has taken an inquisitive approach that has been identified by Gravetter and Forzano, (2008), as a preliminary action that gives supportive evidence for further research. There are no articles that have been cited in this paper.

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The framework of the paper utilizes both the conceptual and the theoretical approach. However, the paper starts with the research directly without preliminary sections that may be used as leading areas towards the paper. The research methodology utilizes first hand information and interviewing takes a center stage in this paper. The population to be studies is relatively small at 106 patients, with a possibility of rising to 120 patients. The sample selected represents a section of this population and the mai attribute that determines the selection is the ascribed status of age. The study seeks to examine the coping behaviors of young patients in a home associated with the elderly.

Ethical conduct in any study requires that the consent of the participants be freely obtained (Ogden and Goldberg, 2002, and Sales, 2000). In this study however this principle is violated as the interviewee responds on personal information of patients without their consent. Citing the example of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, Wood and Kerr, (2010) assert that even where medical research takes place, the consent of the subjects must be obtained either directly or through their proxies. Data analysis is clearly reported in this research. The interviewee responds accurately to the posed questions and gives good examples to support such analysis. The data was also well informative and thus it offered all the information that was needed for this analysis.

The paper also concluded effectively. The report supported all the information that had been identified in the process of completing the interview. All information that was asked for were summarized in the conclusion of this paper as the paper addressed all the necessary area. The conclusions also noted that the major differences between the two categories of patientss that were examined were the high dynamism that the younger group exhibited. This therefore provided an avenue that allowed further understanding of how the home has taken the care of the young patients and what has attracted more young patients to this facility yet the facility has not been to campaigns to encourage the raise of young patients in its population. There is however a need for further research that would contrast the way the young patients are treated in this home with how other homes treats their patients.

As far as they presentation style are concerned, this article utilized a good presentation style.  As noted by Collins, (2008), a good presentation style should be able to use visual aid that aids the written information. This has been followed in this article. The article was also easy to follow due to self leading sentences that ensured that a person easily followed the report.  Due to the self leading nature of the questions and elaborate answering, there were no leading headings in the article. However, the authors over utilized the highlighting of certain areas in bold as eye catching paragraphs within the article. They sometimes distracted the flow of the article especially when they appeared in between paragraphs. Nevertheless the article was well written.


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