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War to Prevent or Abolish War

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War is an interesting phenomenon that has many definitions. War can be described as organized violence by one party against another party. War has existed from the beginning of time. Hundreds of wars took place in ancient times. War is a universal phenomenon. Each and every culture has had to deal with war at one time or another.

There are many causes of war. Imperialism is the most common cause of war. Countries that are powerful use their power to rule other countries. Imperialism was common in the early centuries. Powerful kingdoms conquered weaker nations. Today countries use their power and influence to get trade and political advantages over poor countries.

There is a lot of debate concerning ways to prevent war. It is ironical that war is considered as a way of abolishing conflict. Each conflict has its own special circumstances; this makes it hard to give a general opinion on how to end conflict. I think that in certain circumstances war is the ultimate solution. It is an unfortunate reality but it has worked in many cases. When a country threatens to overthrow another country, it is only logical for the other country to defend itself. When dialogue fails, a country has the mandate to protect its sovereignty.

Over the last few centuries countries have had to fight for freedom from their oppressors. It is very hard to negotiate for freedom. It would take a lot patience to convince an oppressor to give you freedom. The price of freedom unfortunately involves death and bloodshed. In history, countries that were very aggressive at war gained their independence early. Countries that did not commit to war and focused on dialogue suffered for longer. African nations took decades to attain their independence. This did not happen because they did not believe in war but because they did not have the technical knowhow. I believe that war is a means of ending conflict. However, war should be the last result after dialogue has failed.

Buy custom War to Prevent or Abolish War essay paper cheap

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