Free Custom «Use of Surveillance Cameras» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Use of Surveillance Cameras» Essay Paper

For over two decades individuals, business, residential as well as commercial associations have been embracing the use of technology of video surveillance to protect personal property and privacy against un permitted intrusion and other forms related to crime. However; in the recent past other parts of the world like in Great Britain, Monaco, Spain and France other countries have increasingly adopted the use of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance in enhancing public security. This action has been also witnessed in a number of United sates municipalities as law enforcement tool especially for public areas like in schools, residential districts as well as in monitoring public areas.

This has however attracted a debate on whether it early helps in deterring crime or not. Despite the fact that CCTV video surveillance is successful especially when it comes to reduction of crime through prosecution of individuals caught on camera in the act of committing crime and the fact that it helps is saving public law enforcement cost savings, critics have argued that the act contravenes with the United States constitution Forth amendment on the prohibition against any unreasonable searchers as well as seizures.

Despite the uproar from critics the courts have interpreted the action as protecting the safety of the public and since that police also patrol such place there are limited changes that video surveillance will causes personal harm. Unless the police use an infrared filtering device that is capable of revealing personal activities that would otherwise be not visible to the public then the fourth amendment doesn't arise on the use of video surveillance.

In addition to that since the surveillance are conducted in a physically non intrusive manner the state has the last and paramount concern of protecting individuals of public from acts of crimes hence legislatures are bestowed with broader powers of protecting communities from such harm. In addition to that Britain has been recognized as a successful model involving the use of video surveillance especially in curbing the increasing threats from terrorists, hence the increasing approval by the various governments.



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