Free Custom «The Islamophobia» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Islamophobia» Essay Paper

After 9/11, there are many stereotypes that arose in America towards Islam. Islamophobia rate increased where many people in the United States of America fear Islam. The stereotypes held against the Islam have increased the social gap that exists between the Americans and the Islam. The stereotypes have affected the reputation of the United States of America in Islamic nations. Currently Muslims compose ten percent of the United States of America population. They receive different treatment from other groups of people in the country. There are strict legal requirements that they have to meet in order to access immigration in the country. In most criminal cases, they are victimized as the culprits as they are viewed as violent people who like killing.

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Muslims who are legal citizens of the United States of America get treatment the same way that illegal immigrants are treated. One may think that the government of the United States likes to do away with all the Muslim population in the country. They do not enjoy their rights the way other people do. Their privacy rights are always violated because after every attack that occurs they are interrogated and searched like suspects. This is wrong because Muslims should be treated like other people. They are citizens like the Americans and, therefore, the legal system should recognize all their rights. They are hold significant population of the United States of America who contribute to the development of the country and so they deserve the same treatment like other citizens.

The discriminatory laws are not helpful as they make the society more divided on racial bases. The more Muslims are segregated because of the stereotypes held against them, the more the American society remains disintegrated. The formulation of laws discriminating the Muslims is making Islamophobia be institutionalized.


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