Free Custom «The Controversy of the Constitution» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Controversy of the Constitution» Essay Paper

The Constitution of the United States of America was written in the year 1787. However, it did not come into effect until its ratification in 1789 (McDonald, 1995). This is when it was substituted for the Articles of Confederation. At the time when the Constitution was ready for use, many chose to either support it or not. Many issues were raised concerning its contents. Some states like Virginia chose to be against it due to the fact that there was no bill of rights included in it.

Some groups like the abolitionists were against the constitution due to the fact that it still supported slavery. In their argument, they said that it called for runaways to be recaptured and taken back. Others like William Lloyd Garrison denounced the document saying itwas a covenant with death as well as an agreement with hell.

In the making of the constitution, it was difficult to get all the states to agree to the constitution. Those advocating for it realized the difficulty in obtaining the consent of all the States to the new instrument of Government. More over, it was feared that many of the delegates at the time would not give their individual assent to the document.

The Constitution at the convention was referred to as a document with numerous compromises. This is because of the plentiful compromises that the Framers had to agree upon to make it govern the people. Nine out of the thirteen states were supposed to ratify it despite the Anti-federalist opposition. Compromises were present between the smalll and large states as well as the North and the South. There were compromises made on the topic of sovereignty between the state and national governments.

In conclusion, despite all the concessions and compromises, the constitution has managed to last through the opposition, wars, as well as more than 200 years of change. The document came out after months of argument as well as disagreement (Collier, 2003). It is important to note that the delegates to the convention agreed on doing away with the Articles of Confederation, strengthening the federal government as well as preventing any dissolution of the union. Having this in mind, they created a government which had the power to regulate trade, tax, and to enforce the laws which had been created.

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