Free Custom «Personal God» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal God» Essay Paper

The question about the existence of God, a super natural creator inherent in the universe, has occupied the human mind as a controversial topic ever since people began to think. Francis Crick’s conclusion that life was seeded on Earth by extra terrestrials (ETs) can be met with a number of refutals. If it had been in Crick’s way, there is no reason to explain why the extra terrestrial forces chose the Planet Earth for this purpose. Neither there exist any logic or any rationale to clarify why no other planet has been chosen by extraterrestrials to plant life in. If the extra terrestrial super intelligence was responsible for creating life, then that life would have been analogous in nature.

Look around and one can find plenty of differences in the behavior and appearance of humans as opposed to ETs. Further, a super intelligence is essentially based on logical analysis and interpretations. Emotions, love, moral values and altruism have no role to play in such a being. Scientists have been successful in creating super intelligent computers and robots that are programmed to think in a certain definite way. But humans are different, and their decisions are entirely based on what they feel and perceive. Moreover, till date, in spite of technological boom, no conclusive evidence of extra terrestrial presence has been found.

The existence of evil itself in the form of destruction stands as a proof for the existence of God. God and evil form a pair of complimentary opposites which are interconnected and interdependent. God has given the faculty of free will to humans, which enables them to distinguish between the two and recognize the value of good. The scientists have convincing explanation that the universe began with the Big Bang, but what caused that sudden explosion of light and matter is unknown. The intricacy of the universe itself substantiates the presence of a deliberate designer who not only created the universe but sustains it even today.

There exists a divine proportion in God’s creation revealed in the multitude of colors, shapes, sizes, numbers and patterns. “The term "Divine Proportion," or the Golden Ratio, was first introduced by the 15th century mathematician Luca Pacioli. If one counts the number of petals in most flowers one will find that the answer is a Fibonacci number. For example, an iris has 3 petals, a primrose 5, a delphinium 8, ragwort 13, an aster 21, daisies 13, 21, or 34, and Michaelmas daisies 55 or 89 petals – all Fibonacci numbers” (Angle, 2004). "Why nature is mathematical is a mystery...The fact that there are rules at all is a kind of miracle," says Richard Feynman, a Nobel Prize winner for quantum electrodynamics.

It may not be possible to prove the existence of God through mathematical procedures or properties of physics. Humans need to perceive God in a spiritual context. If one takes a look through the Hubble Telescope and peer in to the edge of the massive cosmos, or view the monitor of an electron-scanning microscope and delve into the intricate world of a microscopic cell one can see the universe in its true perspective. Try to comprehend the massive library of complex information inherent in the digital code that turns a fertilized egg into a human being. “Study principles of quantum mechanics and investigate the world of extra-dimensionality. Review the nature of your conscience, subconscious, standards of morality, and thoughts of religion”. This and all that we know, feel and perceive revolve around the all encompassing rule of God.

For an earnest believer, idea of God is more than just a reason to explain the origin of world. For him, it is a matter of faith that strengthens his feeling of certainty through God’s comforting presence and closeness to himself. “You will seek me and find me; when you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you” (Jeremiah 29:13, Bible).



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