Free Custom «Homosexuality» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Homosexuality» Essay Paper


Homosexuality is defined as a sexual preference with a person of the same sex. Homosexuality has turned out to being a global issue as more and more people are experiencing homosexual contact and/or curiosity in at least every part of the world even the most conservative countries. In this essay we are going to examine homosexuality in the global context and try to find a comprise situation to this controversial topic.

Homosexuality as a global issue

Issues surrounding homosexuality have been debated in the society that we live in; whether it is an abomination or not. For human and civil rights crusaders to Christians and governments, both have a different perception of how homosexuality issues need to be addressed. Discussions on whether to make same sex marriage legal or to ban them have always made news. The society is now divided in two opposing groups; those who support homosexuality and those who are opposed to it (Hollowell K).

Lobbyists for homosexuals have been using the anti-discrimination point of view of the civil rights movement to advance their gay rights platform. But these homosexual allegations have a backing from scientists; scientists. Some scientists argue that homosexuality represents a certain trend in the evolution of humans. Although they claim that they have not identified a homosexual gene, they argue that some people are just born that way from birth. Most of the homosexuals argue that they were born that way, hence for them the homosexual behavior is just but a natural act. But is this true? Its is again argued that some homosexuals are sure of their childhood non-traditional sexual preferences while some just changed their sexual orientation after experiments in either as teenagers or some as adults. Another professor of psychiatry, Robert Spitzer, also believes that homosexualism is a subjective phenomenon and that an individual’s sexual orientation can be easily altered to determine his/her sexual preferences. The professor claims that a study conducted on the homosexuals who claimed to have switched homosexual preferences demonstrated that they are capable of becoming heterosexuals through psychotherapy (Hollowell K).

What are religions view concerning homosexuality? No doubt that homosexuality is considered sinful by many of the religions. For Islam, homosexuality is considered a profound mistake. It claims that humans are not homosexual by nature but people become homosexuals because of their environment as the human instinct can be subjected to acts of will.

Different Christian denominations hold different views about the homosexuality debate ranging from homosexuality condemnation to acceptance of homosexuals. Although some of these Christians churches welcome homosexuals to their church, they teach that homosexuality is a sin while some have gone as far as ordaining homosexual s as priests to approving of same-sex marriage. But what is the Bible’s view of homosexuality? The issue of homosexuality is condemned in the scriptures. Paul the apostle guided by the Holy Spirit, wrote in Corinthians 6: 9-10 that homosexuality shall not inherit the kingdom of God, but here he does not single out only homosexuals but includes adulterers, thieves, drunkards and extortionists.  In the book of Leviticus, homosexuality is a lust forbidden by God condemned in chapters 18:22 which sates that “thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination.”  Clearly here, homosexuality is condemned in the Bible. Also in the book of Deuteronomy, God speaks of sodomy and says that “There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel.” (Thought to ponder).

The world over, even in conservative places like in Africa, there has been demonstrations to allow homosexuality. Recently in Uganda, homosexual lobbyists argued that they should not be harassed but the government reacted by saying that this kind of people should be jailed for life. Some countries though allow same sex marriage.

Homosexuality is an issue that is hard to deliberate on unless one has been to the same situation and either felt like the homosexuals. The mind is everything and with the right thinking, I believe homosexuality issues should not arise.  In a recent article in WorldNetDaily, a lesbian woman said that although she was happily married as a heterosexual but during her activism and feminist causes changed her to a lesbian. Therefore, we may conclude that our sexual orientation is in the mind.



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