Free Custom «Homosexuality» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Homosexuality» Essay Paper


Homosexuality has in the past few months become a very controversial issue with many people taking different sides of the issue. It is defined as sexual behavior or sexual attraction of an individual towards another person of the same sex. Though homosexuality encompasses both female and males who have sexual encounter or attraction to a person of the same sex, the society has always been hard on males who engage in such than females. It is like the society has ruled that females are allowed to engage in homosexual activities while males are not allowed. There are two different views of homosexuality. Some people view homosexuality as a pathology in the behavior of a person which can be corrected by medical means. It is a deviation from the normal behavior which is not intentional. Therefore, to correct it, it needs medical intervention without which it can’t be corrected. Other people believe that homosexuality is a biological deviation in which the behavior of the person is determined at birth. There is very the society or the doctors can do to stop it. Thus, the homosexual people should be accepted as members of society.

Homosexual and HIV/AIDS

Homosexuality exposes the individuals to contacting HIV virus among other sexually transmitted infections. They also expose other people who are heterosexual because some of the homosexual people are bisexual because they want to get pleasure and also get children. HIV is prevalent among gay more than any other group of people in the society including lesbians. There are two reasons to explain this. First, kaposi’ sarcoma virus and HIV were first introduced into gay men by the hepatitis B experimental vaccine which took place in Manhattan in 1978 for the first time and later spread to the other cities in 1981. This is the same year when gay plague was officially declared. Since the vaccine was an experimental project for gay men, it turned out that it is only the gay men who suffered from the disease first. It is not also a coincidence that the gay plague was declared official in the same year of vaccination with the hepatitis B vaccine and thus raising the suspicion of some connection between the vaccine and the disease (Cantwell, 2006).

Secondly, the HIV virus has two different strains which are geographically distributed. In the United States, the strain which is most common is different from the one of Africa. The strain in the Africa is primarily spread through sexual contact while the strain in the United States is primarily spread anal sex. The American HIV strain has a high affinity for anal tissue than the strain in Africa. As a result, gay men in the United States are more predisposed to infection with the HIV virus more than their African counterparts and the other Americans who are either heterosexual or lesbians. Therefore, there is a higher chance of transmitting the virus through anal sex than it is in heterosexual sex. Thus supports the claim that HIV virus is more prevalent in gays than the rest of the people in the society. The basis of this lies on the ability of the virus to be transmitted from one person to another and the people who are having anal sex more likely to transmit the virus than the rest of the other people (Cantwell, 2006).

Since HIV virus was primarily introduced into the gays, the disease has been spread primarily among gays or among males who are bisexual. This is because of the fact that the first people to get the infection were the gays and since the disease is spread primarily by sexual contact, then only the people who are sexually related to the person suffering from the disease will be infected. This means that males who are gay and bisexual are more likely to get the disease from the infected gay. There have been several attempts to reduce the spread of HIV among homosexuals including the use of condoms. However, it has been shown that there is no evidence that gay men can use condoms during all their sexual encounters in their entire life (Cantwell, 2006).

Heterosexuality in Gay

It has been established that there are very many gays who are involved in heterosexual relationships. They are both in a gay relationship and at the same time, they have a lady as a sexual partner. These have been caused by the following reasons: Some of the gays start gay relationships when they are already married. This means that they cannot stop their previous marriages to engage in gay relationships only. Men who are gay are married and even have children making it hard for them to terminate the relationship in preference of the gay relationship. This makes them to continue being in the two relationships (Sefton, & Melendez, 2004).

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Gay men also want to have children of their own but not adopted one. This makes them seek a female partner whom they will have sexual relationship with for the purpose of getting children and having a family. They will still maintain their gay relationship for the purpose of pleasure. Lastly, because in most places the communities have not accepted gay as a normal way of life, most of them will have to get a female counterpart who will help them maintain their status in the society. They know if the society establishes that they are gay, they will not be respected. Therefore, to ensure that they do not lose their dignity, they marry or engage in a relationship with a person of the opposite sex with a view of maintaining their status in the society. They also need a person of the opposite sex because in some jobs, like in the United States military, it was not possible to serve in them when a person is gay. This means that a gay or a lesbian will have to his or her sexual orientation for fear of losing his or her job. This forces them to seek another partner of the opposite sex who will be seen as the person intimate to him or her and thus mask his or her homosexual orientation. This is for the purpose of preserving their job although the law hindering homosexuals from serving in the military is being repealed (Sefton, & Melendez, 2004).

Homosexuality and Religion

There are a lot of variations between different religions in different parts of the world, with some religions condemning it and others accepting it. In addition, the geographical place of the religion matters since the practice can be condemned by a certain place by one religion and another place, with the same religion accepts it. Most of the world’s largest religions view homosexuality as a negative behavior in the society. They fail to appreciate it because they feel that it is not in accordance with the principles of the religion. However, some cultures in the past accepted same sex sexuality and love (Dynes, 1992; Boswell, 2005). Some religions argue that homosexual is not good because it does not allow the partners to procreate. The people involved in homosexual cannot procreate with one another and they have to seek the assistance of a person of opposite sex or adopt so as to have children. Scientists however are likely to reduce this problem if they succeed in the technology for allowing people of the same sex to get a child with assistance (Michael, 1989)

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Homosexuality has become very common in the current world today and many people are becoming either homosexuals or bisexuals. The main reasons for being bisexual are that the people want to have children, they want to maintain their respect in the society, and some of them were married before getting into homosexual relationship and that they want to secure their jobs. Homosexuals are particularly predisposed to HIV/Aids because they were the first to get infected with the virus and the virus is better transmitted through the anal mucosa. Some religions tolerate homosexual while others do not. However, all the people should be considered equal and members of one society with discrimination.



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