Free Custom «Euthanasia Should Be Legalized» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Euthanasia Should Be Legalized» Essay Paper

Euthanasia is the performance of ending the life of an individual to reduce pain and suffering. This act is done deliberately reduce stubborn suffering. Euthanasia could be voluntary, involuntary, non- voluntary or even passive. (Philip, N., Stewart, F. and Nitschke, P., 2006). It is always considered criminal homicide when used as active euthanasia while when voluntary it is not criminal. There are two opponents as far as euthanasia is concerned. There are those who are for it and those against it. The two groups argue differently. In addition, others argue on the basis that one is voluntary while the other is non-voluntary thereby referring one as suicide while the other is murder.

Many people have never understood how death could be considered easy, happy or painless and see death by euthanasia as wrongful. On the other hand, some consider an increased suffering death as wrongful and would prefer the use of euthanasia to lessen such pain. Studies have been conducted in the United States and conclude that about 16% of doctors consider euthanasia to end life on demands form the patient’s family members even if the death is premature. Euthanasia thus leads to a rightful death better than the one found in the deaths that occur naturally and should thus be legalized. (James, R., 1986).

The use of euthanasia is not legal currently and legalization needs to be done so that the legal prohibition is removed. This is because the use of euthanasia is a crime where there is no victim. In American law, the use of euthanasia is considered a criminal murder even though the patient requests for it. Judiciary, homicide is any act that aims at ending the life of an individual even if the act intended to end suffering that had been too much. However, other homicides are lawful. These are the excusable homicide and the justifiable homicide.

However, in other countries euthanasia is for example the active variety as per the website of university of Washington. Here, the physician is allowed to offer the lethal dose as an injection for the patient to die. It is taken as suicide where the physician assists the patient to execute it. The physician withdraws the treatment for the patient with the consent from the patient and this withdrawal is legal in the United States. Some governments in the world legalize voluntary euthanasia but generally the act is viewed as homicide and this is criminal. It is thus not prosecuted and punishable if the physician meets all expectations legally. (James D., 2000).

Euthanasia should be legalized due to many reasons. It is the decision of an individual on whether they want to live or not. The doctor or the government has no powers on the live of an individual. Though the act sounds like suicide, it is a person’s decision and nobody should be bothered by it.

The family members are stressed beyond limits due to the economic factor. They do not have the kind of money needed to pay for bills even when the health of their family member has deteriorated. In such a situation, they waste their resources on a person who will definitely die. In such a scenario, there is no point denying such a patient the request to have euthanasia used on them.

Doctors have the liberty to create life and so do they have to end it. Today scientists are making humans in the labs and the government that gave them the right. What then stops them from using euthanasia to end it? The doctor in his duty helps the patient to do what they want and if they want euthanasia on them, they should be given.



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