Free Custom «Democracy in America » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Democracy in America » Essay Paper

The issue of whether the founding fathers of the United States of America were democratic reformers has been widely discussed since the independence of United States of America. On one side of the debate, are those who argue that the founding fathers were revolutionaries and excellent democratic politician. Paul Roche is belongs to this camp that supports the founding fathers. On the opposing side are those who see the founding fathers as a bunch of elite from the north whose interest was money and those from south whose interest was slaves who and they created the government to protect the rights of the rich.

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America was founded more than 300 years ago but at this age and time, historians and regular Americans still debate on whether the founding fathers were democratic reformers. This debate is not inconsequential. Understanding of the past of the country is important in understanding the present and shaping the future. Understanding the motives that led the founding fathers to create the country is very important to historians, politicians and regular Americans.  Though Paul Roche and Howard Zinn differ in their approach towards the founding fathers, it is important to note that both are right.

The founding fathers were both political geniuses whose political expertise remains unparalleled and opportunistic who took advantage of the need of a new nation to protect their interests. This debate is relevant in the modern day America because both perspectives can help Americans to borrow the best from the founding fathers to shape their future and also avoid the opportunistic tendencies that watered down the fruits of independence. This debate is also very important in the development of democracy in America in the past, in the modern day and in future because any democratic reform process in America cannot be undertaken without any reference to the democratic ideals of the founding fathers.


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