Free Custom «Bill of Human Rights » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Bill of Human Rights » Essay Paper

Read several articles about the selected news topic

One of the critical issues, which have been on focus recently touching bill of human rights is homosexuality in military. According to Diamant (1993), homosexuality is incompatible with military service, and the presences of individuals who engage in homosexual conduct or who, by their statements, demonstrate a propensity to engage in homosexual conduct, seriously impairs the attainment of the military mission (p. 68). This has been an issue because it directly touches rights of individuals who are in military.

Describe the issue and why do you believe it is “an issue”

Homosexuality in the military has posed a hot debate in the U.S government. As explained in the article “gays in the military” by Rod power, the issue has been a hot political debate ever since the beginning of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” For the most part, liberals wish to allows gays to openly serve in the armed forces, while conservatives wish to keep the current “Don’t Ask Don’t tell,” policy, or wish to ban gays from serving in the military.

On the other hand there are those who feel that it right for gays to be allowed to serve in the military. This has been an issue because, there are those who view it as a right to the individual serving in the military, whereas those who are against it argue that it is immoral, unethical and it should be discouraged.

Discuss what the “Founding Fathers” position would have been on the topic

It is not easy to know exactly how the “Founding Fathers” would react to the issue of homosexuality in the military. However, it is my view that in reference to the history I strongly believe that, they would not encourage homosexual in the military. This is because soldiers were regarded to maintain high level of discipline.

Decide if you believe that the constitution is being upheld or not

The current government administration in U.S has permitted this practice. They argue that denying individuals to engage in unisexual acts is infringing their rights. However, I believe this does not uphold constitution by any means. This should be discouraged completely, because it seems to be ruining moral values, and is of no benefits at all.

Rights of individuals are very important, and in an effort to guard them, countries have bill of human rights for their citizens. Bills of rights occur in two categories; entrenched or unentrenched. An entrenched bill of rights can only be changed or amended through referendum or by a supermajority. On the other hand an unentrenched bill of rights is a ordinary statute law and thus it can be amended via a normal legislature procedure. This paper focuses current news covered on bill of human rights (Amendments I-X).

According to Vile (2010), “the provisions of the Bill of Rights originally applied to the national government rather than to the states” (p. 114). This was the desire of all the states in order to check misconstruction or abuse of the power. As Vile (2010), continues to explain most states ratified U.S Constitution already had their own bills of rights (p. 114).

Discuss why you have taken this position. Use selected quotes from the articles you have read to support your position

According to Jones and Koshes (1995) in their article “Homosexuality and the military” focuses on the following issues; homosexuality is a mental disorder rendering a person unsuitable, homosexual service members are a source of poor morale for military units, and homosexuals service members are poor security risk. The concludes by saying although issues of morale and fraternization in the military remain challenges, no evidence suggested exclusion of homosexuals from service in the U.S armed forces.



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