Free Custom «Belief in Principle of Evolution » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Belief in Principle of Evolution » Essay Paper

The principle of evolution as proposed by scientists like Darwin versus religion is one of the most controversial topics. They both endeavor to explain the origin and complexity of the universe and in particular the earth and life especially mankind's.The principle of evolution seeks to explain everything. Life and the earth is said to have been generated from atoms which over time and granted certain conditions were able to support life. This makes us wonder how life could spontaneously arise from mere atoms and in a particular order. It therefore points out to a supreme being, God.

Religion does not explain most concepts we have today and it’s rather based on faith. Though the theory on evolution seems plausible, how could various parameters used today in scientific calculations such as the gravitation constant be so exact? This therefore implies that for evolution to have taken place there must have been an initiator of the whole process rather than a random process.The fact that the earth is the only unique planet and can support life points to God's plan rather than a random occurrence. The multi-verse theory attempts to answer this by stating that there is millions of universes .Some survived long enough and with time evolution took place and they were able to support life, the earth included. This seems plausible theoretically. However, how did these universes come into being and what initiated this chain of transformation?

The world therefore can’t have existed by chance. How can anyone explain why various things such as fruits exist for use by mankind? Evolution might explain their coming into being but it definitely cannot explain their design and purpose. No matter how much we try to reason out everything, there is a gap about the starting point of all life that we cannot explain by principle of evolution but rather by belief. (Stone., 2002)



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