Free Custom «Acceptable and Unacceptable Punishment » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Acceptable and Unacceptable Punishment  » Essay Paper

When one thinks of a crime termed as extreme, they only think of murder being the possible topic of discussion. Consequently, when one thinks of an extreme punishment, they actually think of a death penalty. Crimes having such severity in an actual fact they sometimes deserve a common punishment and the entire society agrees with this. This is however contrary to what Justice William Brennan argued. His distinguished Justice administration had it that society will tend to seriously question the validity of a penalty leading to death. It is an established fact that over the past years and especially since when the very death penalty was in the first place implemented, it has undergone some notable changes and especially when compared to current similar cases. This however does not in any way suggest that it is believed that death penalty is unacceptable, not at all.

Almost in all communities, scold is usually applied to deal with wrong doers of the petty cases at home. This is actually a good and friendly form of punishment and surprisingly it works. When one is scolded, they feel that they ought not to have done that particular wrong thing and this increases their chance of avoiding committing a similar offence in the future, hence this is a quite an acceptable form of punishment.

It is common in children that most of the time they will tend to do some things which definitely deserve some sort of punishment. It has also stirred up a debate of whether it is inhuman to pinch a child in the name of the kid is misbehaving. One of the parents claims that when for example their kid messes up or misbehaves, they are obliged to pinch their young one. They claim that this will tend to deter the child from committing any other similar offence and especially when they remember the former consequences of such an act. It also may seem somehow humorous when the parent put it that that the pinching is done not so hard to leave a mark but enough to make the kid think twice about what they are doing.

It is notable that in California, chemical castration was considered an acceptable form of punishment. It involved the administration of a kind of medication which was meant to reduce Libido and sexual desire hence curtailing of the sexual activity. This was carried out in an attempt to reduce rapists, child molesters and any other sex offenders and prevent the vulnerability of these criminals repeating their crimes (MACREADY, 1998).

It is interesting to note that some of the punishments which are acceptable, when executed in different versions they may end up being referred to as unacceptable. This is evident in the US where a parent alleged that she has only punished her children a handful times. She also claimed that when she was child, she was hardly punished and this may have affected her point of view towards child punishment and that the physical punishment to a child should be done with love. When especially administered in anger, it automatically becomes an unacceptable punishment.

In some other places it has been eye witnessed that wrong doers a denied the basic necessities as a form of punishment. This is totally unacceptable and the human rights charter is against such an action. This may even lead to one being sued in a court of law. Such cases have become the order of the day and the human rights organization are making an attempt to disseminate reality and humanity when it comes to dealing with petty offences and that they do not deserve some of the punishments like the denial to access of basic necessities.

Still unacceptable punishment has been in some countries carried out in legal manner. In most of the countries there exist the so called approved schools. These schools mostly deal with the youth who in their communities have been termed as unacceptable. This should never be allowed and at least not to the teenagers. It is easy to change a young person’s behaviors and all what is required is perfect guidance from a qualified counselor instead of being confined in an approved school where allegations have it that one is brutally dealt with.



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