Free Custom «9\11 Attacks» Essay Paper

Free Custom «9\11 Attacks» Essay Paper

Tariq is a professor born in Swiss land, but currently, he is based in France. In 2002 February, he was named as the most significant intellectual in the world, while in 2002; he was named by Time Magazine as the top 100 thinkers and scientists. This essay summarizes the Tariq Ramadan Lecture about 9\11 attacks. He usually preaches mutual respect and unity when preaching to audiences from western. On the other hand, when preaching to audience from Arabic nations, he reveals his deep-rooted hatred on the west, and his Wahhabism endorsement. In addition, the man has many linkages with the Al Qaeda group. He has never condemned violence, but after the 9/11 attack, he condemned Laden's actions and statements.

He characterized both 9/11 attack, the attack of Bali night club in October 2002, and the Madrid train bombing in March 2004as just an intervention, other than an attack actions of terrorism. When commenting about the US troop car bombing, he says "Iraq was colonized by the Americans. Resistance against the army is just." (Discoverthenetworks, 2011)By considering what he speaks and what he wrote in his book "brother Tariq: the Double speaks of Tariq Ramadan", (Discoverthenetworks, 2011); it depicts that just like his grandfather, he promotes fundamentals that are much rigid, and as a result, he can be considered as being a war a leader of war. However, later he claims that, intervention word did not come from his mouth, other being used by journalists in Le Point, which is a French Magazine. He claimed during the interview that, he had condemned the attacks that happened in New York, Bali and Madrid by the use of strong words.

In the process of dealing with much criticism that that keeps on amounting upon him after the 9/11, he argues that, it is incumbent upon these having Islamic faith. He claims that this is just the process of minimizing their personality just in one dimension, concerning religious realm- and emphasizes that just like any other religion, Islamic is made up of numerous personalities that change constantly. According to him, Muslims in the western can make d difference that is much critical in the in areas that are dominated by Muslim.

For them to become fully independent citizens in the west, they ought to work with others in order to air their views concerning social, political and economic problems affecting them, so the governments need to allow Muslims in the west to assume this duty (Reem, 2010). Nevertheless, this will only occur if other citizens and governments do not throw doubts on their loyalty, at the times they are criticizing different policies brought up by governments. This kind of loyalty that ought to be considered as being constructive and critical, that exists amongst their citizens who observe Islamic religion, who enriches the western communities. This is the only way for Muslims in the west top be credible in Arabic and Islamic nations to help in ensuring that both democracy and freedom exist, (Reem, 2010).

He explains that he had neither met al-Zawahiri nor Omar Abdel Rahman. Though exist in the Al Taqwa bank register, which form an organization was accused by the US state department accuses of providing support to the Islamic terrorism. He explained that the fact remains that neither his neither address nor name appears in the Bank's register, nor that he had neither met nor talked with the organization's director. He has never been afraid of being controversial.

This is because, though he argues Muslims to be committed citizens of their country, he tells them on the other hand that, let not the 9/11 attack make them afraid, they ought to know that, it is their right and freedom to practice their Islamic faith in a free manner and be looked upon as equal partners. In conclusion, Ramadan is a significant Muslim figure in the west that is much knowledgeable in Muslim westerners and the importance of pluralistic communities that accepts and recognizes differences that exists in their members.



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