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9\11 Attacks essay

Tariq is a professor born in Swiss land, but currently, he is based in France. In 2002 February, he was named as the most significant intellectual in the world, while in 2002; he was named by Time Magazine as the top 100 thinkers and scientists. ...

Abolishing or Expanding the Death Penalty essay

Death penalty has the implication of a death sentence that the capital offenders are subjected to as a result of the crimes that they commit such as murder, repeated crimes, rape and the like. A person who commits acts of this nature is taken as one ...

Acceptable and Unacceptable Punishment essay

When one thinks of a crime termed as extreme, they only think of murder being the possible topic of discussion. Consequently, when one thinks of an extreme punishment, they actually think of a death penalty. Crimes having such severity in an actual ...

An Unofficial Account of the Waco Incident essay

On the 28th of February 1993, 76 agents force from the Bureau of Tobacco, Firearms, and alcohol attempted to break into or rather storm the residence of the Branch Davidians which is a religious group. Consequently, a fire fight broke out between ...

Animal Testing essay

Animal testing which is also referred to as animal experimentation is the process whereby non-human living things are used in scientific labs to carry out various experiments. These experiments involves carrying out diverse tests on the animals to ...

Antigone versus Oedipus essay

Oedipus is a Greek myth about a king whose name was Oedipus. He was born to a king named Lauis and the queen named Jocasta, which were the rulers of Thebes. The house of Jocasta was cursed by the King Pelops because the King Laius had taken the ...

Asher Lev and his Decisions essay

Born as a Hasidic Jew, Asher Lev is compelled to choose between his people’s traditions and his obsession with drawing the world. The traditions of his people have been practiced for generations. According to his critics, Asher is a child ...

Athletes Compensation essay

Question 1 The process of wage determination is interplay between the availability of the product that an employee offers and the demand for that product. This therefore means that sometimes, it is not the relative worth of the product offered by a ...

Belief in Principle of Evolution essay

The principle of evolution as proposed by scientists like Darwin versus religion is one of the most controversial topics. They both endeavor to explain the origin and complexity of the universe and in particular the earth and life especially ...

Benefits of Making English the US Official Language essay

The United States of America, unlike a large number of all nations, does not, at present, have a federal official language English or otherwise, in spite of the frenzied debate and the fact that more than twenty states have acts that pronounce ...

Bill of Human Rights essay

Read several articles about the selected news topic One of the critical issues, which have been on focus recently touching bill of human rights is homosexuality in military. According to Diamant (1993), homosexuality is incompatible with military ...

Cameras In Courtrooms essay

Cameras in courtrooms have been a controversial issue since time immemorial. The judges feel that the presence of the cameras in the courtrooms hinders a fair trial while the media and the concerned parties feel that they should have a right to ...

Capital Punishment essay

Introduction The critical issue about the application of capital punishment also called death penalty has been a nationwide discussion in the recent years. This essay opposes the capital punishment putting into consideration different ...

Cloning essay

Introduction Cloning is a biological term that explains the act of copying genes and other related chromosomes to generate identical materials that usually occur when such organisms like bacteria or plants reproduce asexually. This essay will ...

Computer Tracking and Surveillance Camera essay

Introduction In the modern world, surveillance or the monitoring of activities, behaviour or other changing information mainly of people and often in a manner that is surreptitious is a common phenomenon. This is commonly done from a distance using ...

Cultural Relativism essay

Cultures are very different and each of them has its own moral codes. Morality is shaped by culture. Behavior and customs of a people are shaped by the existing culture though there is no standard that can be used to weigh whether the existing ...

Date Rape essay

Date rape is a term used to describe an assault or an attempt of an assault which is committed by an acquaintance or stranger and involves sexual intercourse without first obtaining consent from the victim (Albert, 2005). It can be a misleading term ...

Date Rape essay

Introduction Rape is one of the contemporary topics that are being debated by people, governments and different institutions. This essay gives a legal description of date rape and its associated behaviors. It also discusses the available services ...

Date Rape essay

There is greater assault on a person than rape, yet it is very controversial in determining what amounts to it. One such controversial form of rape is date rape. This is defined as “as sexual assault that occurs when the victim and the ...

Death Penalty essay

Every time the issue of capital punishment or in other words the death penalty is mentioned, it generates heated arguments amongst the pro-lifers and those who support it in regard to its effectiveness as a corrective measure. This form of ...

Death Row essay

Some people call it capita punishment, death penalty as it is commonly referred to have been practiced in majority of countries across the globe. In the recent days though, many countries have abandoned this practice. This decision by such countries ...

Democracy in America essay

The issue of whether the founding fathers of the United States of America were democratic reformers has been widely discussed since the independence of United States of America. On one side of the debate, are those who argue that the founding ...

Discussion essay

Las Vegas is the most populous city in the state of Nevada. It is internationally recognized because of its world class entertainment and gambling. By the year 2009, the city had an estimated population of 567,641 (U. S Census Bureau, 1). It is ...

Do Animals have Rights essay

Introduction The rights of animals which are also known as animal liberation, is the subject that the most fundamental interests of animals should be given the same consideration as human beings interests. Advocates view the issue from different ...

Drug Legalization essay

Drug legalization is a question that is faced by many societies, the question is complicated because there are arguments for and against and each side has facts to support their arguments. This topic continues to elicit reactions across the world. ...

Electronic Surveillance of Employees essay

Electronic surveillance is the act of scrutinizing or paying attention to people, places, or actions that are usually done in an enigmatic or inconspicuous manner with the help of electronic machines. Some of these machines include tape recorders, ...

Euthanasia Should Be Legalized essay

Euthanasia is the performance of ending the life of an individual to reduce pain and suffering. This act is done deliberately reduce stubborn suffering. Euthanasia could be voluntary, involuntary, non- voluntary or even passive. (Philip, N., ...

Existentialism is Humanism versus Manifesto of the Communists essay

The theory of existentialism has been reproached on the basis that it invites people to live quietly in desperation. The reproach has largely been made by communists by stating that existentialism regards any action in this world as ineffective ...

Gay and Lesbian Adoption in the US essay

Most likely there is a possibility that you have come across the term LGBT adoption. This is a comprehensive term that refers to the adoption of children by either lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender people, hence the acronym LGBT. Though this ...

Government Abuse of Social Networking and the Internet essay

The social networking sites are some websites that help people to connect. They are online communities where people join for free and are given an opportunity to open a page and given an opportunity to setup their profile. Some of the popular social ...

Healthy and Uhealthy Food essay

 In this essay, healthy foods and eating habits have been contrasted with unhealthy foods and the poor eating habits associated with them. For a person to remain healthy, not only physically but also mentally, food rich in proteins, ...

High School vs. College essay

One of the mainly widespread misunderstandings of the changeover from high school to college is the consideration of them being matching in experience.   But High School scholars are barely acquainted with the notion that College is ...

Homosexual essay

Human behavior is a key aspect in the entire life of a person. It is a determining factor with regard to family relations, harmony and overall acceptance. As a result, many societies around the globe have established a threshold of norms and ethics ...

Homosexuality essay

Introduction Homosexuality is defined as a sexual preference with a person of the same sex. Homosexuality has turned out to being a global issue as more and more people are experiencing homosexual contact and/or curiosity in at least every part of ...

Homosexuality essay

Introduction Homosexuality has in the past few months become a very controversial issue with many people taking different sides of the issue. It is defined as sexual behavior or sexual attraction of an individual towards another person of the same ...

Iraq and Afghanistan essay

America involvement in Iraq can be a matter of debate and at the end of the day solutions lack, but its involvement can be looked from two points of view. One perspective is why it get involved and secondly why it should not be involved. The ...

Labeling or Interactionist Theory essay

The labeling theory as discussed below is attributed to writing of constructionists especially (Becker, 1963) as written by J. Mitchell Miller. Other contributors include Edwin Lemert, (Erikson 1964), and (Warren and Johnson, 1972). According to ...

Leaders are Born essay

A good number of people pontificate whether leaders are born or made. Endless hours are wasted debating this question. It is easy to say that a good number of leaders are born, but not made. This is especially so when influential individuals are ...

Legalization and Decriminalization essay

Talking of marijuana so many scholars have clarified it under illegal drugs and it remains high on the lists of concerns. Marijuana was declared illegal as a drug in the United States after the Marijuana Tax Act was passed in 1937 (Peter 237 – ...

Marriage versus Living Together essay

My Aunt June and her husband Christopher started to date in their early twenties. They were lovebirds who could let nothing come in between their new found love as my Aunt recounted to me. Christopher, however, was not an emotional person, and he ...

Mass Communication ? The Right to Know essay

There have been various debates as to whether everyone has the right to access information concerning the operations of the government as well as information of other organizations that work hand in hand with the government. Even thou constitutions ...

Moral Dilemma essay

Moral dilemma is a situation where you are required to make a choice between two equally virtuous instances. The debate is which of the two conflicting choices is moral. Both choices seem to outweigh one another on different accounts of morality. ...

Muslims vs. Christians essay

The Christians vs. Muslims conflict in Lebanon also referred to as the Arab-Israel conflict refers to the hostiles and tension between the Jewish community and the Arab people. The conflicts in Lebanon can be traced back as to have risen from two ...

Nature vs. Nurture essay

Love is the greatest commandment as the Bible describes it. This is just a four letter word but the weight it carries is beyond human imagination. There is no one person who cannot love and there is no one who doesn’t want to be loved. Love is ...

New Haven Fire Department essay

In the year 2003, the New Haven Fire Department gave out oral as well as written exams for those who were to be promoted to the posts of Captain and Lieutenant. It then followed that the Fire Department gave an Illinois company, known as IOS, the go ...

Nicotine Dependence essay

Compare and discuss the two somewhat contradictory views on the nature of nicotine dependence. The nature of nicotine remains unclear to many professionals, even cardiologists. There has been a debate on whether to term tobacco use and nicotine ...

Organic Food versus Conventional Food essay

There has been a growing debate on which way the world should turn to, whether towards growing organic or conventional food. This has been brought about by the changing trends in consumer choice. Some people prefer organic food over conventionally ...

Organic vs Industrial Foods essay

Debates on the issue of organic vs industrial foods have become apparent all over the world for quite a long period of time. Different human societies have different thoughts and opinions concerning the issue. Organic foods, especially in developed ...

Origin of Indo-Aryan Peoples essay

The Harappa civilization existed in the Indus river valley in Punjab and Sindh are of the India sub continent back as early as the third millennia of the B.C or around 2500-1600.C. According to the ruins found of their civilization they were a group ...

Personal God essay

The question about the existence of God, a super natural creator inherent in the universe, has occupied the human mind as a controversial topic ever since people began to think. Francis Crick’s conclusion that life was seeded on Earth by extra ...

Security Dilemma essay

Introduction Security dilemma refers to a situation in which the state’s actions, such as enhancement of the nation’s military power, intended to intensify its security can make other nations to respond with same measures, resulting to ...

Sex and the Internet essay

The problem of how children can be protected on the internet by the society has been a thorny issue for parents, the industry, and the government for a long time. Various measures have been input to safeguard the internet for children. Efforts such ...

Should Assisted Suicide Be Legal essay

Assisted suicide is one of the most controversial issues that are usually discussed among people in the world on daily basis. Everyone comes up with his or her own suggestions concerning this controversial topic. This is a topic that is debated on ...

Social Responsibility of Advertising Alcohol essay

The advertisement of alcohol product means the spreading of commercial messages concerning alcohol to the target groups. Alcohol advertisers make use of wide range of media, including the internet and an interactive texting. When well integrated, ...

?Suddenly Last Summer? Versus ?Desire and the Black Masseur? essay

The ‘Desire and the Black Masseur’ story and the play ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ are works of fiction by Tennessee Williams. They are primarily works that focus on the human desires that are in each individual and can only be ...

Talking To Kids About Sex essay

Introduction If not careful, this paper could wander into areas of social responsibility, moral dilemma, and religious argument. Teenage sex is a loaded topic no matter the situation for which it is discussed. For the purpose of this paper, we will ...

Terrorism in America essay

Defining the term terrorism is quite controversial for there is no universally agreed and law binding definition of terrorism. But we can refer to terrorism as the use of terror that is intended to create fear and helps to perpetuate a particular ...

Terrorists essay

According to Borun (2004), terrorism can be defined as any act of violence that is deliberately committed on civilian non-combatants with the aim of furthering some religious, political or ideological objectives while a terrorist is someone who ...

The Black Panthers vs. Malcolm X essay

The Black Panther Party (BPP) was formed in 1966 by a group of African-Americans as a civil rights movement. Their main aim was to fight the oppression of minority groups by the whites. They believed that non-violent campaigns had failed and the ...

The Controversy of the Constitution essay

The Constitution of the United States of America was written in the year 1787. However, it did not come into effect until its ratification in 1789 (McDonald, 1995). This is when it was substituted for the Articles of Confederation. At the time when ...

The Islamophobia essay

After 9/11, there are many stereotypes that arose in America towards Islam. Islamophobia rate increased where many people in the United States of America fear Islam. The stereotypes held against the Islam have increased the social gap that exists ...

The Legalization of Marijuana essay

Introduction The legality of marijuana has been a subject of dispute for a long while in many countries. The use and procession of marijuana are illegal in the United States. Different people have presented their arguments for the legalization of ...

The Other Gender Gap essay

The domination and achievement of women than men in enrollment and the completion in institutions of higher learning is a crucial topic to study for use to understand the potential consequences of this phenomenon to the family especially marriage, ...

The Property Tax essay

Over the years the government has been through numerous changes in polices that govern the real estate industry. Most can bear witness to the fact that most of the polices that have been passed have been beneficial to all but there are some ...

The Singer Solution to World Poverty essay

Peter Singer, a professor bioethics, addresses the dilemma of poverty in his article, The Singer Solution to World Poverty. He asserts that the prosperous individuals should donate money to overseas aid organizations to help the impoverished. ...

The Theory of Evolution essay

The distinction between science and its philosophical expressions allowed the commentators to focus their fire on the real enemy, the emerging materialist worldview of secular modernity, with its disastrous social and religious implications. ...

Use of Surveillance Cameras essay

For over two decades individuals, business, residential as well as commercial associations have been embracing the use of technology of video surveillance to protect personal property and privacy against un permitted intrusion and other forms ...

War to Prevent or Abolish War essay

War is an interesting phenomenon that has many definitions. War can be described as organized violence by one party against another party. War has existed from the beginning of time. Hundreds of wars took place in ancient times. War is a universal ...

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