Free Custom «What a Mac Operating System Can Offer» Essay Paper

Free Custom «What a Mac Operating System Can Offer» Essay Paper

What a Mac operating system can offer


Mac operating system is commonly referred to as the Mac OS. It is one of the graphical user interfaces and was discovered by Apple Inc. The core purpose of coming up with this user interface was to ensure that the users get a more friendly interface when operating a computer. This system was more advanced and more appealing operating system than the existing one like the MS-Dos. The Mac operating system can be divided into two the Mac OS classic family and the Mac OS X system. The classic version does not have any command line (Dan, 2003). These two versions are very similar in many ways. In this essay I will discuss on the advantages and the disadvantages of using the Mac OS as a user interface. In some cases I will compare it with other available operating systems. I will therefore go through each of this pros and cons in the most detailed way possible. This will also facilitate more understanding of Mac operating system.

Advantages of Mac operating system

In terms of security Mac operating system has proved to be very secure.
It is not easily attacked by the viruses and any other possible security threat. When using Mac operating system, you need not worry about the security matters since it has Linux based software. It is practically impossible to alter the programming of this operating system. This has proved to be a bit secured compared to use of other interfaces (Dan, 2003). On the other hand Mac OS would fit a variety of users since it is superior to graphic that are in the personal computers. For scrap booking and graphic design this interface is very reliable. In addition it has devices that ensure quality sounds and therefore you can play music as you use the computer. In terms of price this operating system is very competitive in the market. You will find that its price can be compared with the windows operating system. Though they are still considered to be cheap in the market, they are not as advanced as the Mac operating system. It is therefore important to go for quality and affordable operating system for your computer (Scott and Mike, 2007).
In terms of use, this is a very user friendly since it has got built in tutorials that make it operation easier. It has the drop and drag command together with other applications and videos. When it come to start up it is faster compared to other operation system and that why it more preferred. For any apple computer many companies are offering to offer back up for the data and therefore, it is not easy to have all your data lost at any time (Dan, 2003). This interface as proved to be more innovative hence favorite for the much younger generation. Young people are finding the Mac operating systems very enjoyable and reliable so they prefer to use it. It has got aesthetic factors that are generally very comfortable. It has also been observed that it takes less system resources compared to other operation system like window?s Aero UI. It has also been noted that the Mac computers last longer than the other computers. You can be assured of the best deal when you buy these computers. Most of these computers will serve you better than the common one which uses the other interfaces. In addition they are more secure and few virus attacks are possible (Scott and Mike, 2007).

Disadvantages of Mac operating system

One of the disadvantages of this operating system is that you cannot upgrade it. This would be inconveniencing to those who would like to improve on the features of the computer. It may also limit the use of the computers to average home users only. It has got a limited number of software hence discouraging the users. The number of programs are also very few and the user may be only limited to them. This is unlike the windows since they have many programs and software (Scott and Mike, 2007). In most cases anything that you can get in the windows there is a substitute for it in Mac Os. The main problem is that most games can only run in the widows and not in the Mac OS. This will limit you from accessing these games since your computer will no operate them (Dan, 2003).


Generally these are the main pros and cons of Mac operating system. This operating system will be very convenient for any one who is seeking for a more secure graphical interface. In it own design its far much better in terms of security because of his ability to remain compact. It is also not easily attacked by the virus hence it is possible to last for a very long time. The user interface is very friendly and therefore it can be used by anyone. Mac operating system could be perfect for home users since they do not need to keep on changing it now and then. For the more dynamic users this might not be a very good option since it can never be upgraded in anyway. It also has a limited capacity of the number of programs that can be used. There is a limited number of software that can be used in this operating system. It may be not appropriate for those users who need different types of software in their operation. When choosing this as an operating system it is advisable to consider your requirements and need for the computer.



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