Free Custom «White Collar v. Blue Collar » Essay Paper

Free Custom «White Collar v. Blue Collar » Essay Paper

White-collar versus Blue-collar crime

White collar crime is a crime committed by a person of high social status and respect in the course of his occupation. This crime involves actions like cheating, bribery, misappropriation of funds, identity theft, money laundering and copyright infringement. Other actions also include counterfeiting and computer crime. Blue-collar crime is committed by individuals from lower social class, unlike the white-collar crime which involves individuals of higher social status. Examples of blue-collar crimes are; rape, assault, theft, burglary, arson and vandalism (Young, 1990). This type of crime is usually based on associational, psychological and structural factors. White-collar criminals, on the other hand, are opportunists who take advantage of their job role to gather financial gain. They are rich, intelligent, educated and confident individuals who are qualified enough to get a job to manage large sums of money. Many of them con their victims to trust and accept their credentials.

Similarities of the two crimes

Both crimes are a function of what is available to the possible offender. An opportunity that triggers criminal act must occur in both cases. Both crimes are accompanied by a legal action. Criminals, who engage in the act, are taken to court and, if found guilty, they are sentenced (Hill, 2009).

Differences between White-collar and Blue-collar crimes

White-collar criminals have more situations than Blue-collar criminals. White-collar criminals access large financial transactions. This is where criminal activity can arise. Blue-collar criminals have fewer situations compared to the white-collar criminals. Blue-collar crime often attracts police attention. This is so because they are more obvious and deal with physical property. Unlike the white-collar, which are unknown. They happen in offices and can not be easily reported. White-collar individuals also incorporate legitimate and criminal behavior, which makes them less obvious. In blue-collar crimes, individuals involved come from a low social status, unlike those of white-collar who come from high social class. Also, white-collar criminals take a shorter sentence compared to those of blue-crime. An individual who has committed a white collar crime can take less than two years in jail while those of blue-collar take more than five years. This explains why there is a high population of blue-collar criminals in jail. The blue-collar crime often use a lot of force while in the less obvious white-collar crime, the issue of reporting is complex due to commercial confidentiality and culture (Firedrichs, 2003).

Example of a Blue collar crime

Cherokee County detectives found Joey L. Clark to have murdered 26-year-old Winter Wingard. Investigators claim Wingard was beaten, strangled, and stabbed severally and her body thrown near Mike’s Creek Road a short distance outside Gaffney city on December 2, 2010. A passerby discovered the body which was later taken to an autopsy in New bury. The police say that Clark is Wingard’s ex-boyfriend and was at home the night she was murdered. They further allege that he has been in jail since December 3 because he never observed traffic rules. The deceased, according to her mother, was last seen on Thursday at around 1:30 am. She further took her mothers vehicle as she was going to the store and never came back. Clark has been arrested and charged with murder, a blue collar crime.

Example of a white color crime

South Carolina’s Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom claims that a department of motor vehicles manager embezzled $ 300,000. Wendy Gaskin, a facilities manager at Department of motor vehicles embezzled the funds. There is no sentence that has been brought to her. This shows that white color crime take long for one to be prosecuted. Paul Moore, a former finance director at Department for Social Services was convicted last year but sentenced this summer.



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