Free Custom «Treatment of Community» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Treatment of Community» Essay Paper

Community as a social set up is shaped and constrained by different forces. This set up has received several definitions. According to Kabeer it can be defined as a group of people that share a lot in common and influence each other in terms of decision making (1): The community therefore determines a lot in the life of a family and even that of an individual. Kabeer looks at how people make decisions on the issues concerning their day to day life and what factors influences them (1): In this connection, the community dictates how labour is supplied in terms of who does what and how. However, these resources are distributed in highly varied gender-specific ways, clearly showing the women’s place in the society. To be specific, in many societies woman are meant to carry out home based activities. For this reason women have been used as unpaid family labour so as to reduce the economic constraints.

Infact, at the family level the intra-household decision making development is itself entrenched within a wider institutional surrounding which decides the contact enjoyed by diverse groups of socially-valued assets. In most communities those who do not belong to it are racially discrimininated.This is to say that they never receive the cream of that particular society. Consequently, ‘community solidarity and networks represent important symbolic and material resources for members’ (1): This context tend to explain the concentration of a specific group of people in a certain job. It is either individual circumstance or cultural norms and discovery of the interaction of racism, community identity and gender relations that shape women’s roles in the market place.

Therefore culturalist explanation will benefit from a recovery of the financial activities, substance constrains and opportunities that characterize the lives of different cultural set ups. Kabeer echoes Mars and Ward ideas that culture offers resources which minority communities are able to mobilize in their own interest (1). In line with this, kinship and society networks, determines service in the framework of ethnically divided labour markets. It is also the kinship that determines the roles that are done by a certain gender. For this reason the nature of the women activities i.e. home based activities cannot allow them to be exposed to other jobs outside. On this note women are confined and couldn’t be in a position to learn new skills due to the prevailing dictates of the community they are in.

According to Davis, a community is a small territorial group that can hold all aspects of social life (2): It consists of a group of people who choose different places to live and they define themselves and are defined by others depending on where they live. In this light, People stay together for security, contact, and association and for manipulative purposes. A society is also bound together by common values, interests and experience. It is inclusive and focuses on the symbiotic life that exists between private and public life, noting and tolerating the distinction of those in it.

Contrally to Kabeer’s idea of a dictative community, Davis is for the idea that a society should entail individuals who are in a position to make their own decisions. In other words Davis proposes that people sharing the same values and ideas should be free to do what they think is right (2). Compared to Kabeer’s definition of a community as a group of people who share a lot in common and influences each others decisions, Davis beliefs that it’s a small territory that can hold all aspects of life (1-2). Infact members of the latter make individual decisions without any consultations. Actually, the reason of the latter for leading its own way as a minority is to opt for simplicity, absence of rules and unlimited external space.

Members of a certain community must abide by the rules and regulations set by the authority in it (1): On the other side individuals are independent of rules and regulations; they just live with minimum supervision. According to Kabeer a society is made up of responsible citizens who work and pay their taxes while on the other hand individuals operate on underground economy where they don’t pay taxes(1-2).Infact the marketers in the latter confess the fact that they pay no taxes and little rent as compared to town retailers. Kinship ties contribute a lot to an individual’s decision making (1): while on the other hand individualism rules as the people living together are not necessarily related (2).

Roles in a community are gender based i.e. women are oriented in homework activities (1).Contrally to this idea Davis is of the belief that anybody can do anything according to his/her capability irrespective of the gender (2). From the point of view of Kabeer, a society can be defined by a common territorial boundary while in the other group territorial boundaries cannot define it (1-2). This is because the individuals in this community treasure their mobility, infact they can just move in case they are not in good terms with their neighbours.A community has the same lifestyle irrespective of where they live according to Kabeer(1): while on the other side the communities lifestyle is determined by the environment those individuals are living in(2).

Individuals in the same community are characterized by the interdependence that exists between them; this is the same on the other side where a symbiotic kind of a relationship exists between the people concerned (1-2). This is to say that, no character is supposed to live an isolated life since they need each other for a peaceful coexistence. Just like Kabeer, Davis also acknowledges common property which is meant for it members only (1-2). So to speak, community solidarity rules it all.



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