Free Custom «The Research on Football» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Research on Football» Essay Paper

The two articles are about the research on football. They were done to address the financial issues of the side of the football clubs and the sponsors. They have however taken different directions in their mode of research. The first article researches on the financial benefit to the sponsor of a football team, while the second one research on the benefit to the club through the sales of its own merchandise. The first article also relies on many sources in its research while the second one is on a personal view and experiece.

The first article is a research on the sponsors of the football clubs. It was done to find out what influences the football fans of the respective clubs to buy the sponsor’s products. Every sponsor of a football does that with an intention of gaining monetarily from their support of the club. This article seeks to find out what determines the sales of the sponsors products by the fans of these clubs. The sponsors of the football teams do expect returns from investing in these teams.

This research is done on the Australian Professional Football Club. 1647 respondents give their views on the team support, sponsor integrity and purchase intentions towards the sponsor’s products. The findings from the respondents reveal that there are two main factors that determine whether the purchase of the products is made or not. These are the fan’s passion towards the team and their perception towards the sponsor’s integrity. These seem to be the core determinant on whether the sponsor will be to get any return from their investments on the team. The sponsors have therefore to ensure that any input towards the football team leads the fans to have more passion for their teams. They also have a duty of ensuring that they portray a positive image to the fans.

The article reveals that the consumer’s intentions towards purchasing the sponsor’s products heavily depend on two influences: first and foremost, a positive attitude towards the brand of the product. Secondly, familiarity with the brand is also of essence. This means that the products offered by the sponsors should be those that fans can positively identify with. A sponsor may not get the sales from its products if it deals with the unethical products. The prior use of these products, by some consumers, also determines the purchasing trends. This also brings to focus the sponsors integrity and fit.

However, the sponsor commitment to the football is found to be able to influence the consumers’ ability to purchase the products. The findings also found out that low exposure of a sponsor product is able to act as a motivator to their relationship with the club. This therefore may be a positive point to the sponsor. Another result shows that those sponsors with higher brand equity are more congruent than those with low brand equity. This in turn leads to the more confidence on the products by the consumers. These sponsors use these relationships to build their products.

The second article is majorly from a one man’s point of view. It seems to have been reported on the writer’s point of view. The research is on how the football clubs can make extra cash apart from the sales of tickets and T-shirts. He writer believes that this is an important way that different clubs are able finance their own activities. The first thing that is proposed in this paper is ensuring that the club’s brand appears in as many products as possible. This method would be effective only by increasing the fan base of the club. It therefore urges all the clubs to have as many fans as possible.

The article also urges the clubs to diverse their products to cater for all interested fans. Every group of fans has their own tastes. Having different products to suit each group would ensure that sales are increased. Wolves have done this and succeeded. Another way of boosting the sales is by using the players themselves to do the marketing. Real Madrid has in the past used Beckham and Ronaldo to promote the sales of T-shirts. The players are equally important out of the field as in the field. Finally, this paper proposes the establishment of retail outlets and building of museums to increase the sales.



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