Free Custom «The Meadow at Eragny and Riverbank at Lavacourt» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Meadow at Eragny and  Riverbank at Lavacourt» Essay Paper

Painting as an art may at some point be recognized as one of the most complex procedures of expanding and expressing a painter’s understanding of life. This is the reason why most works pertaining to painted art are expected to be analyzed through understanding the basic elements of the said type of art. Among the elements included herein is that of the eight points of painting quality. The said points include distance, color, light, lines, shapes, composition, perspective and symbols. These particular elements that are considered to be important keys of consideration that basically makes a great impact on how painters are able to present their thoughts using the elemental functions of that each factor of painting makes on their primary aim of presenting their thoughts through art.

In the discussion herein, the analysis shall be focused on the work of Pissaro and Monet who are both able to make a name in the art industry through the signature sketch process that they are using to present their works. Basically, it could be noticed that somehow the ways by which they present their art notes their identity as an artist; this is what painters use to impose identity in their work and provide viewers of the work a sense of understanding over the message that they would like to portray.

The art works posted above considerably present an almost identical sketch stroke. However, considering the color and distance used, it could be seen that there are certain differences in the process of completing and presenting the said art works. While Monet chose lighter shades of yellow and white to present the depth of lighting and the effects of distance that has been incorporated within the art work; Pissarro used the shades of green and blue lightening every color level through stroke definition to be able to imply calmness on the part of the presentation of the said art work. Practically, it could be seen to that the distance of the elements making up the paintings of both artists. It could be observed that Pissarro’s work is more subtle presenting elements of the painting within an equal level. Basically though the work of Monet has more spike practically making a good sense on the use of the different factors making up the entire work. The trees distanced from the mountains at the background practically suggest a leveling of focus on the part of the idea being passed on by the artist to the viewers of the work.

Space between characters used on the paintings is basically enabled. In the vision of Monet and Pissarro though differ from each other. Practically, it could be noticed that the artists are trying to define the differential effect of natural colors on the art works that are best able to make a good source of understanding on what the works pertain to. In terms of harmony, the work of Monet perceive a more intense use of color schemes that define the more intense emotional apprehensions that makes a good sense of what the artist actually want to convey through the work that she has created. Basically, the utilization of proper lighting and color combination brings out the important factors that characterize the entire convention and correlation of the elements completing the art work. This approach in completing the painting provides the artist a chance to bring out the best beauty that nature has to offer. Likely the consideration placed on the light also increases the idea that the painting was supposed to provide sun exposure from either at noon or towards the dusk. Likely, the process of creating a more indicative approach in inculcating natural colors within the painting increases the composition of proper presentation of the natural elements that could further instantiate actual beauty that is presented by nature itself. Surely, mandating the utilization of these colors in an effective manner is seen to have a better effect on how the entire approach to painting is handled effectively by the artist.

The depth of the elements used within the work of Pissarro on the other hand is also making a good effect on how the elements of painting are supposed to take effect on the entire work The leveling of the elements in a rather effective way that is most able to portray the calmness of theater work. The harmony of the elements used such as that of the distance and the color of the symbols utilized in the painting created amore considerable effect on the presentation of the emotions imposed on the wok by the creator herself.

The skyline symbols utilized within both works also provide a more believable sense of showing the timeline by which the paintings have been made. In Pissarro’s work, the skyline was rather dull and implicatively light. This practically makes a definite surety that is able to make a good presentation on the idea of making the picture more effective. Likely, it could be seen that the use of skyline lighting affects both works in two different directions. Definitely, it could be observed that somehow, the artists made it sure that the skyline is also able to present a more definite confederation on the emotional and the actual vision of the artist upon the places that they are aiming to portray for the audience to see.

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Surely, the binding the hues of the colors used within the paintings of Monet and Pissarro had to provide a good consideration on the most definitely evident way of fixing the entire meaning of the works towards presenting what is actually being thought by the artists. When it comes to the personal background of the artists towards the places that they are painting; it could be observed that Pissarro’s work has a more in depth emotional connection in the work compared to that of the work of Monet. Surely, bringing about the utilization of understanding upon the subjects being shown through the art work makes it easier for the artists to prefer the option to show how much connected they are to the subjects that they are painting. The intensity of the utilization of blue and white within the work of Pissarro actually makes a definite indication on the success of the artist in removing spike from the art work; which is the most evident factor in the work of Monet on the other hand. Basing from the said worked painting. It could be seen that there are different elements used to portray the emotions of the artists and the understanding that they have in connection to the knowledge that they have with the subjects of interest that they are aiming to present through artistic creations of their own craft.



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