Free Custom «Sitcom Desperate Housewives» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Sitcom Desperate Housewives» Essay Paper


This essay compares a character from a sitcom to a character that I know, in this case have chosen the sitcom Desperate housewives. The character in focus is Bree Van de Kamp- Hodge played by Marcia Cross. She is one of the house wives in wisteria lane and is one of the most complex characters in the sit com. Her perfect children, husband(s) and home are anything but that, underneath she faces the same demons any suburban wife and mother face. Beneath the façade of happiness, order and perfection is a mountain of insecurities, heartbreaks and dark secrets in people’s lives.

 Bree’s has a very controlling nature and likes things to follow a certain order and obsesses over very small irrelevant things. The dinner has to be perfect, the family has to dress up for dinner and observe the strictest dinning etiquette. Bree always wants everything in perfect order, which she tries to fix everyone and every thing around her. When she discovers that her son is gay, she gets rid of him to prevent destroying the image of the perfect family. My sister is a nightmare when it comes to controlling things and people. Everything in around her has to be perfect, in order and does not trust people to make any good decisions and this leads her to interfering with every body’s lives and eventually hurting them. She has a best friend who they have known each other from childhood, who recently moved with her fiancé to her neighbor hood. She does not like the fiancé and thinks her friend deserves better and so sets her on a mission to have this guy deported to Nigeria (his country of origin).A series of events leads to a bad accident that leaves to the death of the fiancé and she destroys her friendship with her friend.

She is extremely protective over her family and her friends in Wisteria lane. When her son runs over her neighbor’s mother, she keeps that secret for so many years to keep Andrew from ending up in prison. When Gabrielle’s step father attacks her Carlos rescues her by killing the man. Bree finds them with the predicament of not knowing whether to call the police and have Gabriella’s husband go to prison for murder. She decides that they should get rid of the body and never talks about that incident again. In many instances, she puts her self in harms way to protect her children and friends in wisteria lane.

Bree comes across as a cold woman with no feelings and manipulates people to do what she deems perfect. She can not let the world think otherwise concerning her perfect world and will do anything to keep that image intact. My sister does all that she does to protect her family and friends. She tries to fix everyone’s situations, while maintaining a façade of a perfect little family. Her daughter set fire to their school library, leading to an expulsion and was put in Juvenile detention; she lied to all her friends including her family that she had taken her to a Swiss boarding school, where she would attend high school and college.

In conclusion, I can state that comparing Bree and my sister in their controlling, manipulative ways it is clear that they ignore what is really going on in their lives and put a lot of effort to put up a perfect image to the world. Beneath the façade of happiness, order and perfection is a mountain of insecurities, heartbreaks and dark secrets in people’s lives. Bree tries to put a perfect outward image and yet deep down she is a wounded, caring, passionate woman that the women of Wisteria lane a proud to have as a friend.



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