Free Custom «Sexual Attitude Comparisons between Mexico and the USA» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Sexual Attitude Comparisons between Mexico and the USA» Essay Paper

Sexual attitudes refer to the general feeling of the people in matters of sexual relation. These attitudes could be modern or conservative thus aiming at observing past cultural values in relation to. There has been a tremendous change in attitudes among most Mexicans in matters relating to sexuality. For instance, most of them think homosexuality is right because it gives individuals their freedom. This and many other issues such as abortion, open talk about sex, and use of contraceptives make Mexico more modernized in sexual attitudes compared to the USA.

This paper explicates the modern attitudes about sex in Mexico in comparison to the USA.

In Mexico, most individuals are more positive about same sex relationships such as homosexuality and lesbianism. According to Thomas, Haour-Knipe, & Aggleton (2010) they claim that this allowance would allow most individuals an opportunity to express their sexual feelings without restrictions. Most individuals in Mexico perceive heterosexual relationships as a common practice, which should be complemented by same sex relationships. This is unlike in the USA where most individuals still feel that homosexuality and lesbianism are undesirable. According to Hector, positive attitudes towards such matters are an indicator of the society becoming modern. This is a justification of modernity in Mexico compared to the USA.

Mexicans have approved of open talk about sex in any given place. They suggest that the society ought to be transformed and move from the traditional perceptions where individuals feel ashamed of discussing sexual matters. Thomas, Haour-Knipe, & Aggleton (2010) assert that they are more positive about discussing sexual issues with children. Modernity is seen in this as they help to reduce cases of sexual disease infection. In the USA, most parents still do not want to talk openly about these issues because it is a shame. Mexicans are more positive about the discussions relating to sexuality because they help build a better society. They have thus engaged in matters of sex education in a more positive manner. One of the respondents to the questions claims that he learned about sex from open discussions with friends while at school. This is a more modern approach to sexual issues In Mexico compared to the USA.

Most individuals in Mexico have a feeling that continuous use of contraceptives would substantially minimize changes of pregnancy among the youth. They claim that contraceptives and pills should be taken to avoid premature pregnancies. They are so positive about this claiming that it is the modern way of life and should be adopted. This is what makes their attitudes towards sex. In the USA, most people are still pessimistic about the free use of contraceptives. They perceive it uncultured and oddly unacceptable. They believe in natural living. Hector asserts that according to the research he conducted, most people even those who were deemed conservative substantially support contraceptive use. This is more modern as it helps in family planning and reregulates the rate of early marriages.

Most Mexicans are negative about abortions. Thomas, Haour-Knipe, & Aggleton (2010)observe that they do not approve abortions because they are against human life. Due to this, they held demonstrations to protest against the government’s step, to decriminalize abortion. According to Hector, the society and other authorities especially the Catholic Church were in the street protesting against decriminalization of this activity. This is still perceived by many USA citizens as a way of regulating unexpected pregnancies. It is thus so modern for Mexico to object abortions, which are a termination of human life.

In conclusion, Mexico holds more modern attitudes relating to sexual issues. They allow the free discussion of sexual matters, approve of lesbianism and homosexuality as a modern way of free living. In addition, they positively regard the use of contraceptives that as a more modern practice of family planning.



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