Free Custom «Research on Education in Countries Around the World » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Research on Education in Countries Around the World     » Essay Paper

Research has had a lot of impact on many fields around the world ranging from the medical field to the education systems. In connection to this, research has really improved the education systems in the U.S as compared to the rest of the world. So to speak, the improved system of education in the U.S owes a lot to the investments on research (Barr et al, 1996). Actually, the statistics in the US shows that almost 80% of the adult population is educated as compared to the rest of the world especially the developing countries whose 70% elderly population is illiterate.

Needless to say, the research system in the US has really improved the elderly education programs whereby education has been made available to them. This is because the government had to work on its policies concerning education which made it to enhance its systems in order to accommodate the elderly education. Additionally, research has also enabled the US to improve the policies concerning teenage education in order to improve the standards of learning. For example, the introduction of the “No child left behind Act” which was meant to improve the performance of students. Contrary to this, elderly education is available in the surrounding countries but not in large numbers as in the US (Mills, 2004). This is due to lack of information concerning the problems facing the populace due to lack of education which can only be found through research. However, research has also failed to be of any importance in most of the surrounding countries due to their ignorance on the recommendations forwarded to them by researchers.

In the same line of thought, research has also enabled the US government to improvise ways in which education can been made available to all citizens as compared to the surrounding countries. In fact, students who attend public schools do not mostly pay their tuition fee and as a result approximately 76 million children are enrolled to school each year. In addition to this, the US government is also working out ways in which higher education can be made free in order to increase the number of graduates in the country (Smart J. (2009). On the hand, research has really assisted the US to improve its education system because it is economically developed and it can be in a position to invest a lot of money in education. As for most of the surrounding countries especially the developing countries research has not had a great impact on the education system due to the poverty status in those countries.



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