Free Custom «Quantitative and Qualitative Research» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Quantitative and Qualitative Research» Essay Paper

There is an increasing doubt of research in recent years that have the tendency of integrating qualitative and quantitative researches. Most researches have the tendency of incorporating both quantitative and qualitative methods in the research process. The qualitative research method is an in-depth way of finding out how people think and feel about the research question at hand. The data collection and analysis in qualitative research is usually descriptive, as this method is employed at the individual level studies. Quantitative research is a method that uses data which is usually in numerical form that is capable of being measured using the measurement units. The data is collected and analyzed easily, as it is usually bounded by the specific research question and assumptions that are brought fourth by the research.

There has been an integration of these two methods of conducting a research as this provides guidance on the intentions of the research thus accomplishing its purpose. The purpose of the research is the determinant of the method that needs to be applied. Research that needs one to observe will employ quantitative methods, but at some point it will have to include qualitative methods as there are variables that call for integration of the two (Bryman, 2006). The combination of the two is usually done at varying stages in the process of sampling the research question, collection of data and its analysis.

There are researches that provide a survey using samples that are larger which prove to be incapable of dealing with them all in the process of research. These samples are typical, and their representation is not sustainable. There are issues addressed by the methods that are employed in the research process (Bryman, 2006). Most researches may be considered as a method of analyzing data because of their approaches in data sampling, as survey and qualitative are the methods that are the most employed.

Conclusion results of the research have the implication that ground for the research must be explicit as the outcome of the research might not be predictable. The quantitative researches are, however, open-ended as its emphasis is always produced by surprises and changes to insights that are new (Schafer, 2001). This can result to a better understanding as the analysis of data is usually imaginative.

A correlation research is a method that employs quantitative method of research under which there are two or more variables in the same sample. This method tries to establish the relationship that may be in existence between the variables so as to analyze data with reasons satisfying that the variables are related (Waters, 2005).

A quasi-experimental and experimental research usually collects the data to be used for analysis from samples that are in the interest of the study. These groups are vital as they also provide groups for control when conducting the experiment (Schafer, 2001). The data is collected from the samples which are done using different techniques.

The way to plan while studying a community satisfaction with its school is by creating a design which has to range from a base of various factors that will validate the outcome of the research. A pilot study must be conducted before the actual research process as this will ensure that all the required tools are available. The pilot study also ensures that information concerning errors and thus rectifying the design (Schafer, 2001). This will involve having a study with those that are involved in the study to give information of any eminent problems.

The research will then be conducted using the tools that were prepared and due to the nature of this study, the qualitative method is the most probable to use. This is because the research question is focused on an individual level. The data collected will be instrumental in analyzing whether the community is satisfied with the school. The results that are got after analyzing the data collected are thus used to draw the conclusion of how the school is perceived by the community.



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