Free Custom «Photography» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Photography» Essay Paper

This analysis of the comparison of artistic work, is going to try and compare how two different artists have employed the use of the same set of images to express the same ideas (one kind of imagery, one theme), how artists have used different sets of imagery to express the same theme (two kinds of imagery, one theme such as Gender roles, the portrayal of women/famine and Masculine).Power dynamics (politics power, corruption, violence) and finally Childhood/innocence. This paper will try to compare the works of (Poetry) by Pablo Neruda-“Spain in Our Hearts and” and the (Fiction Novel) work by Ernest Hemingway-“For Whom the Bell Tolls”

First and foremost this two authors use the Spanish war as an imagery to bring out the suffering among the innocent Spaniards this hence brings into play their major themes which center around; Feminism and Masculine, Power dynamics (corruption and the like) and Innocence as in a child.

Ernest in the Novel “For Whom the Bell Tolls” used imagery in trying to achieve the theme of feminism, He talks about how the heroine in his novel (Maria)despite having a wound inflicted on her when she was raped during the cold war, she still submits to her husband sexually. Ernest further talks about how sex can heal the Psychic. In this case the act of sex is used as an imagery tool to portray the submissiveness of the female .It portrays the modern concept of the female male relationship. Where as the rape portrays the theme of violence.

"Oh girl among the roses, oh crush of doves, Oh fortress of fishes and rosebushes, “Your soul is a bottle filled with thirsty salt and your skin, a bell filled with grapes" (143).the above stanza is gotten from the “innovation” poem by Pablo in his poetry book Spain in our hearts. In this case the rose is an imagery to symbolize a woman. He uses the rose as a metaphor for the beauty Spain heard and the crushed doves and roses to symbolize the pain and suffering she was going through. Pablo employs the use of flowers right fro the beginning of this book as I quote "To begin, pause over the pure and cleft rose, pause over the source of sky and air and earth, the will of a song with explosions, the desire of an immense song, of a metal that will gather war and naked blood. Spain , water glass, not diadem, but yes crushed stone, militant tenderness of wheat, hide and burning animal" (249).

Ernest uses the imagery in a wounded Jordan who shows determination despite being heart he is quoted remarking “If we win here we will win everywhere. The world is fine place and worth fighting for and l hate very much to leave” (193).While Pablo use the poem to eage on the Spanish soldiers as I quote “your order light reaches poor forgotten men, your sharp star sinks its raucous rays into death and establishes the new eyes of hope” (Pablo, 32).This a true manifestation of the theme of the Masculine nature of the men always struggling and composed to never give up.

Both authors use the Civil war to depict the power dynamics it is evident that the war left a lot of wounds on Spain in the “For Whom the Bell tolls”. The author uses that image of Jordan uses the bomb to disconnect the bridge that would have been used by the enemies to attack them, the title to the book is also imagery in itself as it brings out the inevitably of human predicament from which there is no escape. The toll of the bell is imagery for the power of death over each and every one in the war. I t was just but a matter of time before the bell tolled meaning a toll counts a life go in the war.

On the other hand Pablo Neruda also uses bells to symbolize war suffering and the power of dead over Spaniards. In his poem “there only dying dead there, swamps of terrible bloody pus ,there are no enermies;on ward,spain,onwards,peoples bells,onwards,apple orchards, onward” (Pablo ,pp31). It is also evident that Pablo’s title Spain in our hearts is imagery for the bond the Spanish people have with their nation. This can be equated to the love a child has towards the mother. The innocence theme comes into play when innocent Spaniards give it their all to defend their Mother land despite all the deaths, the bombs and other hardships as I quote “… your health say the mother of the world,”

Furrowed motherland, I swear that in your ashes you will be born like a flower of eternal water, I swear that from your mouth of thirst will come to the air the petals of bread, the splits inaugurated flower. Cursed, cursed, and cursed be those who with ax and serpents came to your earthly arena, cursed those who waited for this day to open the door of dwelling to the moor and bandit: What have you achieved? Bring the lamp, see the soaked earth, and see the blackened little bone eaten by the flames, the garment of murdered Spain (2).In this poem cursed the author uses imagery in rebuking the harm the civil war inflicted on the innocent Spain and her people.

In this poem “I EXPLAIN A FEW THINGS” Pablo uses imagery to condemn the slaughter of innocent Spanish children by the bombs dropped by the war planes as quoted “My house was called the house of flower, because it was bursting everywhere with geraniums: it was a fine house with dogs and children… and one morning all was flame and one morning the fire came out from the earth an devouring people, and from then on fire, gunpowder from then on, and from then on blood. Bandit with airplanes and with moors, bandits with rings and duchesses, bandits with black-robed friars blessing came through the air to kill children, and through the streets the blood of children ran simply, like children’s blood” (pp 5, 6).Pablo uses this vivid imagery to express his discontent at the events that befell the innocent children in the hands of the powerful energy planes. He uses the word “Bandits” to refer to the perpetrators.

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In a nut shell imagery as used both Ernest and Pablo in their artistic work in bringing out different themes adds a lot of value to the artistic work and poetry. It is clear that the two artist despite of them existing in two different times, there work is unified by the fact that they use the same images to either portray the same theme. Or also use the different images in portraying similar themes.



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