Free Custom «My Country Versus Me» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Country Versus Me» Essay Paper

The core approach of My Country Versus Me is to look into the way bureaucracy can run over people in general. The authors are very particular about defining and justifying their point and thus, add real life instances to prove the same.

The prose illustrates the way Dr. Lee faces various legal and political hurdle on the basis of some irrelevant sources. The dominance of bureaucracy has been attempted to be explored by this prose piece. The direct approach of this reading is all about collecting sympathy from the reader for Dr. Lee, and it attempts to show him as a naive and simpleton suffering from various oppressions. However, the entire prose stands vague as Dr Lee states, "Not knowing my rights as an American to be free from cruel and unusual punishment, I accepted my treatment without question" (2002, p. 245). After coming across this particular sentence, it gets difficult to believe that an educated person like Dr. Lee can be so unaware of various legal proceedings. Or else, it is beyond imagination that a person of such profile never attained any legal support from his acquaintances.

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The very next approach of this reading is to highlight the declarations that were made by the media. In his words, he never tried to pay any attention to press and is surprised to see the printed content. The manipulation and distortion of news are no new forte of media, and for Dr. Lee this should not be of anything to surprise him. However, the allegations added to the book were much lavish and more about creating the sympathetic image of Dr. Lee.

Eventually, it is hard to accept any issue of getting victimized by over-zealous mode of FBI along with few politically manipulated prosecutors, especially for a person like Dr. Lee. The expectations with the book, thus, get shattered as the personal persuasions fail to justify the reader.


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