Free Custom «Mac vs. PC» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Mac vs. PC» Essay Paper

The comparison between a Macintosh and PC is a complicated comparison. The Windows supporters will argue that Mac is designed for the video chatting, music, and other cool features that are not suited for the business suited PC clients. These features would be useless to the business class persons unless when they are used on the slick Apple interface. On the contrary, the Mac supporters would argue that the Mac is an overpriced machine that cannot perform any complicated computing.

However, the above arguments would be based on the prevailing stereotypes. The fact is that Mac enjoys over 7% market share; the computer's market is no longer restricted to the artists and the jobless online writers. In fact, Apple has grown to be the fourth largest computer company globally. Presently, the machines are surprisingly similar. The two machines use Intel processors; however, some of the PCs can use processors manufactured by AMD. They purchase memory cards, graphics cards, and hard drives from the same suppliers. In terms of functionality, Mac OS X Leopard and Microsoft Windows Vista have excessively similar built-in multimedia, productivity, and internet applications. However, the two machines operating systems have distinctly different flavors.

Mac and PC's applications are overly similar; however, the applications seem dissimilar due to the approaches adopted on the applications. Window's Internet explorer and Mac's Safari, Windows Media Center contrasted to the Front Row, Backup and Restore Center as opposed to Time Machine, and Photo Gallery against iPhoto are applications from Microsoft and Apple that are designed to perform the same functions. However, the users of these two computers perceive the movement and position of the virtual knobs differently and this acts as the major distinction between the two computers. The variations are a matter of consumer preferences; however, they can be quantified.

Despite the excessively similar characteristics between the two computers, they have their differences. The Apple Macintosh was the earliest computer that introduced the mouse and Graphical User Interface (GUI). The attribute was introduced by Mac on January 24 1984, and was followed by the introduction of Microsoft Windows in November 1985 due to an emergent significance of the GUIs. Apple Macintosh sustained its market leadership throughout the entire 1980s. However, its sales volume declined commencing from the 1990s when the customer demand changed in favor of the IBM PC that was operated with Microsoft Windows operating system. Microsoft was fast to take over the PC market relegating Mac to a lower position in market leadership. As of 2009, Microsoft was estimated to control over 91% market share in the operating systems market.

In almost all the computer departments of stores such as Best Buy, the majority of the computers are priced below $1,000. However, there are a handful of computers that are priced over $1,000. The earlier are most likely to be Windows machines and comprise of many respectable choices for the consumer. However, the later machines are mainly the Macs, hence the common perception among the computer consumers that Macs are overpriced. Though the Macs are highly priced, it is not that Apple sells machines worth $750 at double the price.

Macs incorporate higher-end processors, the majority of the machines have an aluminum casing compared to plastic casings that are used in PC, they are typically thinner and lighter when compared to the PCs, and their batteries run longer when compared to the competing PCs. Thus, it can be argued that Macs offer value for money. The Microsoft powered laptops that can be compared to Apple's MacBook Pro line cost relatively more than their Mac equivalents. Additionally, Macs are packaged with iLife suite that offers tools for organizing, editing, and sharing photos, music, and videos. On the contrary, PCs are sold with only the basic software.

The most valuable thing about the PCs is their wide variety of choice; they range from the tiny to the extra-large size. There are PCs with touch screens, Blue-Ray players that play high resolution movies, and television tuners that allow clients to watch and record both the satellite and cable television. Additionally, PCs come in different colors; they may be in pink, or transparent, and can be customized to meet the client needs. Additionally, they are designed to be as much indestructible as possible. On the other hand, the Macs are manufactured in nine basic variants: the basic Mac Book laptop, the Mac Book Pro laptop that come in 13, 15, and 17 inch models, the Mac Mini micro desktop, the Mac Book Air ultraportable, the Mac Pro power desktop, and the iMac all-in-one desktop that come in 21.5 and 27 inch models.

Windows Vista was Microsoft's operating system until 2009. The OS did not eliminate Windows annoyances, it was often slow and crashed even when installed on new computers. This was advanced as a powerful argument in favor of the Mac, since OS X, the operating system that run on Macs was a sleek piece of software. However, Microsoft 7 was the valuable upgrade of Windows XP. OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is more reliable and less quirky. Some PC manufacturers have tried to enhance its features by filling it with adware and demoware among other irritating extras. However, the distinction between Macs and PCs are relatively small.

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The computer hackers target the vast majority of computer users. Thus, PCs are an easy target since it enjoys a large market share. The recent developments in Microsoft security such as Norton Internet Security have worked better compared to their predecessors. On the contrary, Mac users are not free from malware and virus attacks; they are equally vulnerable to threats, which target social networks and other online channels. However, a Mac client who operates without any protection is less likely to suffer a successful attack compared to a Windows user who is fully protected.

In conclusion, the Mac and the PC are overly similar machines with a significant number of their variations arising from the customer perceptions. The comparison of the two reveals that the machines have numerous similarities. However, there are distinctive differences between the machines in terms of security, operating system, selection and choice, and cost. Thus, though the machines are designed to offer similar functions, it would be critical to compare their sleek features before settling on any of the two machines.



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