Free Custom «Jeffersons Views over Hamiltons» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Jeffersons Views over Hamiltons» Essay Paper

The decision to support and implement the views of Jefferson and not Hamilton is based on considerations of the situation facing the current government and considerations of the potential ramifications in utterly supporting Hamilton’s views. Jefferson views recognize the necessity of a weak central government with more powers going to the states. Hamilton’s advice on the other hand vouches for a strong central government in a nation that is largely nothing more than a delicate coalition of independent states. Based on among other things, the clear benefits of Jefferson’s views and the potential ramifications from such an arrangement in fostering peaceful co-existence, economic growth and civil liberties is a major factor in supporting Jefferson’s views (Jenkinson 43).

While Hamilton’s ideas on a powerful centralized government offer potential benefits including being major driver for the growth of the United States economy, dealing with local and problems from abroad, the protections offered against the possible tyranny by central government as exemplified through strong states may not only also foster economic growth but may also contribute to a freer society that may act as a harbinger for economic growth and the prosperity of the nation while at the same time countering possible tyrannies that may stem from full adoption of Hamilton’s views. This would be possible considering Jefferson support for freedom of speech to stem tyranny, views against impingements on individual’s rights, and expansion of human liberties.

Jefferson’s view recognizes the need for stronger state. His views are largely marked with a deep seated mistrust for a centralized government and its capability to effectively check itself (Scott 15). Jefferson proposal for largely quasi-independent states and a weak central government aim at ensuring that representation is as close to the masses as possible. Use of the constitution to check the excesses of the central government including powers vested on the states to shoot down unconstitutional federal laws is one way that the states would enjoy some level of autonomy. This view is largely supported by a desire to have the population to have a greater say in the running of their lives. Whereas Hamilton’s idea on the other hand aim at having a monarchial system where the elites are supposed to rule without the input of the masses. The potential ramifications for such an arrangement would include increased discord and possible civil strife among the masses and increased conflicts in the country.

The support for Jefferson’s views over Hamilton’s is also supported by the realization that Jefferson’s ideas are also likely to gain widespread support among the states and retaining some power in the states would be crucial considering the political dynamics involved. The support of democracy as envisioned by Jefferson in contrast with the ideas of monarchy and strong centralized government supported espoused by Hamilton further are beneficial in ensuring more fair governance for the masses. The gains that would result from a democratic society surpass the economic gains that would be accompanied by a highly suppressive government as would be envisioned through Hamilton s views. Although it is worth noting that Hamilton’s ideas may contribute to a stronger government, which may also be more effective at dealing with various crises that may face the nation both at home and abroad, Jefferson’s views would provide the counter-balance that would be necessary in ensuring that the federal government does not use its powers negatively both at home and abroad especially creating the risk of tyranny and impediments on peoples freedom.

The views of Jefferson are also likely to create a more equal society. The notion that the elite should rule over the masses is a way of not only forcing the masses to be governed by governments that are not of their choice but may further create a society that is highly imbalanced economically. Since one of the main purposes of governance is the distribution of resources, the likely imbalance that would have resulted from adoption of Hamilton’s views would have created a very economically imbalanced society. This further would be a major factor in contributing to strife.

Nonetheless, it is worth noting that Jefferson’s regard for agriculture as the backbone of the nation’s economy, lack of support for government aid to finance, trade and manufacturing and elimination of internal taxes would lead to a slower growth in the economy and would impact negatively on the ability of the nation to compete effectively in the global market. However, the liberties and freedoms to the governed and the unity that would be attributed to Jefferson’s views dorm a major basis for the support of Jefferson’s ideas. This is especially crucial especially now that the nation has just been little more than a fragile alliance of independent states.



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