Free Custom «Farm or City» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Farm or City» Essay Paper

New York City is the busiest city in the world. The city exhibits the largest population among all the states of America and worldwide. Most people in the city use public transport more than personal vehicles. The public transport system comprises of the most efficient railway system as well as the busiest public vehicles transportation.

On the contrary, such a busy life is quite unusual in small towns and villages. For example, Portofino, an Italian village, may be described by cool transportation mostly defined by boats and ships. The transportation sector is mainly based in the coastal line and is not very crowded due to the scanty population of the village. The natives as well as the visitors don’t travel much apart from a few horse rides to and from the beach.

Portofino is characterized by serene and quiet village atmosphere both in the day and at night, on the contrary to New York. Most of the activities are done by people since less machinery is available as compared to the New York’s busy industrial area where most of the work is machine-oriented. The New York City is also defined by the best ferry systems, most efficient underground vehicle tunnels as well as the longest and busiest hanging bridges in the world. Therefore, the modernized transportation system efficiently caters for the huge population and is the top in the world.

The New York City also has the largest education system among the United States of America. There are several high standard public preparatory, primary as well as secondary schools. There are partly chartered as well as religiously run schools in the city. The city exhibits highly educated people with undergraduate and master degrees. The universities are the best in the world with all kinds of courses including religious and special classes being offered. It is also defined by the best research centers in the world with hugely equipped libraries. The education system in the Portofino village is not as advanced as in the New York. Most people in Portofino just have the basic education since the jobs are not very competitive. However, more colleges and universities are being established in order to have more elite people as the village is growing and advancing in technology.

The Portofino village has a unique Italian culture that explicitly exposes the wonderful blend of traditional arts. In contrast to the New York City dwellers, the Portofino natives are very kind and hospitable to the tourists. The village is a home for various cultural practices and has been the homeland for most cultural movements including the Harlem Renaissance. It excels in artistic and musical presentations and is also specially noted for its unique lore. The city is defined by low crime rate among the states of America. However, the New York city is relatively noisy due to the high population both in the day and in the nights.

The New York tourist attraction is majorly the diverse unique natural features and magnificent ancient and modern buildings. These promote the frequent tourist visits from all over the world although the natural sceneries are not as variable as in Portofino. The tourists often find the village suitable for vacations and holidays due to the wide open view of the beach, the beautiful sceneries and the cool environment.

New York City has diverse cultural foods served in the restaurants since its population is multicultural. On the other hand, Portofino in Italy is highly associated with fishing and arable farming. Therefore, Portofino village has a wide range of sea foods and Italian cuisine available in the restaurants. The unique cooking styles leave the visitors with a longing to revisit the village. The food presentation makes the visitors with no option but to relax and enjoy.



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