Free Custom «Comparison of Editorials» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Comparison of Editorials» Essay Paper


Hundreds of articles have been written about Ashley X, the pillow angel. Five years have passed since her devastating encounter came into public domain. Her controversial case generated heated public debate. The proponents argued that the action taken by her parents to have her breasts buds and uterus surgically removed was within the law. The opposers, however, questioned on the intrigue and ethics collide followed to have her growth attenuated and the surgical procedure bundle performed on her. We consistently hope that a common ground will be found, but should they have permitted her treatment? Let us find out.


This discussion seeks to find out the effect of major decisions of the parents of Ashley X and the effects of Bin Laden’s death on terrorism.

Article summary


Despite the elapse of five years, I think more questions needs to be explored regarding Ashley’s case. An attempt to discuss Ashley’s treatment has turned futile. Regarding may thought based on the reports released by; Washington Protection and Advocacy System, and Seattle Children’s Hospital, I can actually demand the following clarifications:

First, I am saddened   by the decision of Ashley X parents and the influence played by the social and financial positions in the decision making process. Several doctors commented In the 2007 symposium that they were appalled even after hearing what was being considered .Ashley’s X father quickly changed his mind after meeting the hospital ethics review committee. This radical change in thinking is problematic. I keep thinking about this but do not question that the doctors involved were just trying to bail Ashley X out of her pathetic situation. However, I don't agree that they took the risk measurement they were just getting themselves into. They were followers of wealth, power and perhaps the influence of the father. This is why I am not at peace with how doctors made this young child suffer.

Secondly, and most importantly, what does this say a bout American society. That it is   a palace where only one group of people are being considered for attenuation of growth and bundle procedures. Physicians can politely refuse to care for adults suffering from cognitive complications only to fall onto the shoulders of pediatricians. Meaning that there is stigmatization within the medical departments. It is this group of young professionals who seek justification for the use of surgical interventions and high dose estrogen so as to attenuate the growth stigmatized children in our societies. Ashley X’s parents used dubious rationale to inject pain into the cognitively innocent child. Their action was unjustified, explicit and not obligatory in the field of law. You doubt? When did health practitioners start surgically alter children to reduce the burden of looking after them? The answer is, you have the wealth, power and influence, and then definitely you will push doctors to obey what you have commanded. In short, doctors and ethics review committee took the easiest way instead of taking a harder way that would have annoyed the parents thereby indicating that they were human and are prone to error.

Discussion two.


Osama Bin Laden was eliminated in order to fulfill the American dream of justice and bring an end to the invincibility myth. The threat of the terrorist will continue to exist as long as their main objective of replacing the existing governments in the Arab countries with the pure Islamist sates has not been fully accomplished. The end result will be the restoration of Islamic caliphate. Then bringing an end to his life will not actually end the terrorist attack or simply remove the beliefs of the Al Qaeda proponents. High on the list was the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak who protesters overwhelmingly ousted from power without a single aid from either Al Qaeda or terrorism.  The former Egyptian government was corrupt and feckless. Libya,Syria and Yemen are the main regimes still under siege.

Critics argued that Al Qaeda is increasingly becoming outdated with the demise of Bin Laden. We may be cautioned against such premature celebrations. Believing in such arguments since it is tempting to think that the operations of Al Qaeda have ended. Their main target has not been a achieved that is establishing a Muslim caliphate in the Arab world and also removing an obstacle that stands on their way or preventing them from achieving such mission.

The death of Bin Laden may steer the Al Qaeda to plan an attack so as to counter the notion that they are no longer operational. The most remarkable might even come from its local affiliates. That is the well connected and designed networks of Al Qaeda operations. These groups cannot rely on one another. They can plan attacks in countries of North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and local governments in Middle East. This will help them establish their rule hence long-lasting dynasties. The networks may not need the support of Bin Laden Once in place and in fact, they have been proceeding with his minimal supervision for several years.

The Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Al Shabab in Somalia these are the affiliates that Bin Laden has helped create. The Al Shabab are still in the verge of recruiting, financing and training terrorist activities in the border of Kenya and Somalia and also in the Indian Ocean (where they hijack ships destined for Kenyan Coast).The episodes at both Tahir square and the raid on the hide outs of Osama Bin laden can reduce the appeal of Islamist extreme to those who have taken its oath as followers.

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 Al Qaeda is pressure valve, an early form of a networked social interaction that allowed young, militant who are fueled by inefficient and corrupt governments to wage jihad on the west and on their own governments.

They believe that their religion expects them to wage war against nonbelievers from the West, impure and apostate Muslim elites. These extremists can neither be stopped by direct removal of their leader Bin Laden or the elimination of Al Qaeda .Jihad must always proceed and they will not give in to any form of democratic and less corrupt negotiations.

United States need to assist the moderate Muslims to create a counter attack on these Al Qaeda forces .This the major challenge laying a head apart from not merely taking advantage of the intelligence network from Pakistan. These Muslims need to be assisted either moderate form of organizational structure which could be more appealing to Al Qaeda’s who do not actually have a pure form of an organizational structure.The Western countries such as America can assist these people construct politically stronger organizations.



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