Free Custom «Comparison of Disney?s Peter Pan to the Return to Neverland» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Comparison of Disney?s Peter Pan to the Return to Neverland» Essay Paper

The classic tale of “Peter Pan” has been continued in Disney’s sequel “Return to Never Land”. This was a movie that was produced in 1940, when the world suffered by World War II, this one of the best animations of Peter pan (Bud & Cook, ). It largely retained theatrical trappings from the author’s own stage-play version of the main story; this film incorporates some location shooting that created special effects (Gerronimi, & Jackson). Later, the effect created brought about the Return to Never Land in a more exceptional manner.

Wendy has now grown up and gotten married and during this time she has two kids, one of her kid being a daughter named Jane. She wears her trench coat during the air raid, and later that night, Wendy tries to give her kids anticipated through creating an idea of telling them of her thrilling experiences with Peter Pan in Never Land. However, Wendy's daughter, Jane, views all she has been told by her mother as lies and refuses to consider in the tales. That is, until the infamous and wicked Captain Hook mistakes her for Wendy and abducts her to Never Land in an attempt to ensnare and incarcerate Peter Pan. Peter Pan's quest to return Jane safely home is made vulnerable until she sees the reason for believing in the magic of imagination.

The original work was considered to be some of the best example of animation which was done earlier before the “Return to Never Land”. The work therefore puts up challenges to the animators. The work also creates an advancement that almost gets closer to photo-realistic, and does not really look animated in all perspectives. It also develops a jarring contrast with the original work and the style that has been used is fairly faithful to the original nut has used technology in order to come up with a more satisfying and improved art. This paper therefore will explore on the differences created in the two pieces whether positive or negative to the original notion.

In the opening of the story, the story opens with the final scene from Peter Pan, whereby Wendy is seen looking out at the window as Peter make an attempt to sail back to Never Land with her but sighing, but makes a promise that he is not likely to forget her. The World War II begins and the husband to Wendy goes off to war and leave the elder daughter to after the other children as well as their mum. There after she grows and develops a negative attitude towards Peter Pan, and therefore feels that she does not have to spend much of her time for Peter Pan as she’s now developed a sense of responsibility. This is when she is abducted by Captain Hook (Greydanus).

This is a simpler storyline as compared to the previous older one, though it comes out a bit serious, but it still develops more or less same themes. The themes are expressed in one of the songs namely “faith, and trust, as well as pixie dust”. In the songs, Jane’s dark moment is clearly brought about nicely in the song, I’ll Try. This is the most emphatically a sequel, and lives up to that name as it does not develop to any better levels as compared to the original. The original more or less looked more special, and due to this reason it still leaves scope for this film to be rather nice.

The original work was also revisited in the one that was considered to be minor Disney-nouveau sequel to the studio’s one of the most lovable film, Peter Pan in 1953. In comparing the above to Never Land, also develops the air of lighthearted whimsy and also includes high-flying imagination. Though, some of the information concerning this has been lost: a darker undercurrent that ran through the original work that was done by J.M. Barrie which was discernible even in the Disney Version.

In is true that for a fairy tale to work out nicely it must have something that represents darkness and challenging at the centre. The original Peter Pan had something that had the basics of about fairy tales. On the other hand, in “Return to Never Land” appeared joyous, carefree place, but it also depicted some scenes that had heartless and terrible. Never Land was a place of orphaned Lost Boy who had no one to tell them story and tuck them in at night. Basically, Wendy’s hymn held pirates captivated concerning motherhood as Smee wept over his “Mother” tattoo.

The first Disney sequel, it looks lighter and frothier compared to original; this fact does not allow it to get a theatrical release (Gerronimi & Jackson). It is still entertaining a it is colorful with imaginations and that makes it fit for kids. Yet the poignant image here is a not child who does not have parents but instead a child who lacks a childlike spirit of wonder and fun. The driving value here is imagination, not a family. On the contrary, though Return to Never Land may be viewed as bad because it is anti family, it takes a warm view of the family life. In the recent Disney theatrical release has not always been family friendly as well.

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The other theme that is created coming from the original that seemingly has been brought down to these other novels is the theme of jealousy. Jealousy is an important part that brings about the manner in which the story dealt with the roles of adults. Contrary in Peter Pan, Tinker Bell was extremely aggrieved of the idea about Wendy getting anywhere closer to her man, and the mermaids being catty to her in the lagoon.

In comparing Kipling’s artchitecture in his jungle book, Kipling introduces an understanding of the original work but he creates a nice balance of anthropomorphizing of animals. He creates Mowgli, Baloo the bear, Bagheera the panther, and the sly tiger Shere Khan return in this swinging sequel to the animated classic, the jungle book. He clearly creates an understanding of Mowgli being naturally superior. This is a story of classic cartoon version that can only be compared to Rikki Tikki Tavi.

One of the best collections that can also be compared Also appearing in this collection is a story I've loved since I first saw the Classic Cartoon version--Rikki Tikki Tavi. It tells the story of an intrepid young mongoose and his life or death battle to protect an Indian villa from a couple of predominantly horrible cobras. Rikki Tikki Tavi has always seemed to me to be one of the great heroes in all of literature works; this is more less the similar as the Wendy as done by Barrie that served as the premise for the Return to Never Land.

Distinctions from the novel

In the final chapter about Peter and Wendy as done by Barrie, introduces Wendy as an adult with a daughter Jane who serves as the premise for Return to Never Land. Concerning Peter and Wendy, Peter is seen as coming back in the Never Land for their yearly spring cleaning, and she finds that many years have really passed and now she is a woman with a daughter and can not continue participating in the Peter Pan. Peter is heartbroken when he realizes that Jane offers to go in place of Wendy.

Disney’s Jane appears modern, the reason being that this looks independent, tomboyish, and responsible for taking care of herself. According to Barrie’s context Jane plays the role of a new Wendy which is domestic and motherly. In the film Jane does not put into consideration the stories that her mother tells her concerning Peter Pan and therefore she does not believe her mum (Barrie, 10).

Consequently, she is brought to Never Land forcefully, by Hook but contrary to the previous take of not considering a mother’s tale, we find that in the book, Jane is very much willing to believe in Peter Pan. In the book, Jane meets and flies away with Peter, just like Wendy did but in this case she sought permission from her mum. On the other hand, in the Return to Never Land, Wendy’s son and husband are introduced a s new characters but they are not in the novel.

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Eventually, it is evident that the film is more or less a sequel to Disney’s animated film in 1953 instead of being a novel, and represents the ending of the film. For instance, Captain Hook was not killed by the crocodiles, and Tinker Bell has not died as explained by Barrie. In the novel, the Lost Boy returned to London and grew up like normal kids but in the Return to Never Land they appear to have stayed as young as Peter Pan himself.

However, they seem to have distinguishing characteristics as compared to the original film. Concerning the flying pirates looks less serious and far knowledgeable. These are great stories for young and old. For folks who are agonized concerning how Kipling has potentially imperialist, racist or racialist overtones, rest assured, these tales are free of such themes. They offer an excellent opportunity to introduce kids to the work of a true master narrator.



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